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Well, I suppose its about time I got back to this blog and wrote something new about some of the ways to make money online. The only problem with this is that a thousand other people and their dogs are also writing the same old stuff about how they wish they were making money from the Internet… its called fake it until you make it I believe.

Well, its also nice to know that of those thousands of fake it until they make its are in the main writing a load of regurgitated garbage that is not only copied and re-copied from the bowels of the A-lister’s own outpourings, but they’re almost all wrong.

Yep, you heard right. Most of what you read online about how to make money online is false. Incorrect. Erroneous. Inaccurate. Mistaken. Unfounded. Untrue. Its just plain wrong! You get the message? So all those nice articles posted on all those nice looking blogs by nice sounding people are all leading you, dear reader, up the garden path. But am I particularly upset about this?

Absolutely not!

Why on earth would I want the truth published by a thousand or so blogs about how to make money online when that would create so much competition it would hardly be worth putting up a fight. So please, don’t read anything I have to say in here about the right ways to make money online. I don’t want you knowing how to compete with me for search traffic!

Well, ok I’m not so hard, although all the SEO people might take offense at what I’m going to tell you. That’s mainly because most SEO people who charge companies and individuals a small fortune for ranking their sites for certain keywords are doing very little for their money. You see, when you think about it, what would they have to gain from telling a big company the truth about what they really do? Which is not much, really. And to be honest, most of them don’t really know what they’re doing either. Because if they really did know how to rank a site for a competitive keyword, then how come they are working for a few thousand when they could be SEO’ing their own site and be making several hundreds of thousands?

Exactly. If they really knew how to do it, they’d be doing it for themselves and not for anyone else!

Any company that realizes how simple SEO really is would not pay through the nose for some swish SEO company to come along and do what anyone with any savvy can also do.

Which is what, exactly?

Well, if you didn’t know already then it may or may not come as a huge surprise to you to learn that the biggest part of SEO… now don’t go telling anyone by the way… is obtaining strong, keyword anchored links pointing to your website’s home page and its inner pages. And not just one main keyword, but a whole host of related keywords. That’s so you will not just rank for your main keyword and get traffic for that, but you will also rank for the longer tail keywords which, when combined often generate more traffic than the main one.

So what about using social media like Twitter and Facebook? Oh, please spend all your time using them and getting lots of enthusiastic social traffic to come to your blog. Please debunk my statement about getting backlinks. Of course you don’t need them. You don’t need Google or any of the other search engines when you have good old reliable Twits to visit your site. Ouch, you can feel the rasping abrasive edge of his sarcasm, can’t you?

So why doesn’t this blog rank for anything?

Doesn’t it? Ok, whatever you say. I don’t really care about this blog, as to be perfectly honest, the time and effort I would have to expend on getting this to rank for the popular “make money” terms would be more than enough to rank top in the other, less competitive niches, where I just so happen to have a small army of websites doing just that!

Why on earth would I want to waste all that time and energy when it is much better spent getting links for my money making niche sites that allow me to work from home and have the Internet as my sole source of income? That’s probably the one point that 95% of all Internet marketers don’t get. They all waste their time and energy trying to crack into the “make money” niche, because that’s what all the A-listers say they should do. So. please, go right ahead and go for it. You’ll fail, but go for it and keep out of my niches, because I don’t want the competition, especially from anyone who might just have an inkling what to do in order to compete with me!

So what are these ways to make money online?

Build a decent website in a niche that is not competitive but still commands some decent traffic. Then spend your time getting links for it. Build supporting sites that you can also link to and they can also link to your money making site. Don’t stick to just one niche, but branch out into others and diversify your income stream. Monetise with different programs, such as Adsense, affiliate products, eBay and Amazon. Try other things like lead generation. When you get the traffic from the search engines, that traffic will buy what you’re selling on your site, so sell them stuff they’ll want. Rinse and repeat.

That’s it really, in a nutshell. There’s nothing much more involved, to be perfectly honest. A thousand blogs all leading you down the wrong road with umpteen thousands of articles all telling you a load of absolute rubbish when in reality the actual cold hard truth all fits nicely into one single paragraph!

A last word about why this post isn’t particularly specific an any particular area. I’ve been helpful in the past and it has been to my own detriment with people causing me problems by exposing my sites and networks and causing mischief. So I’m not going to be so helpful any more, but I still need lots of keyword rich posts which need to be pretty long and pretty relevant to the keywords that I am looking to target. Even in this niche where I’m not spending much time or effort to try to rank for any particular money making keywords. Ok, well maybe just a few…

Never give up until you own all these things!

How To Make Money Online


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