Month: September 2017

Business Financing Tips

Finance for your Dental Practice

The General Dental Council (GDC) has identified some of the key features changing the shape of the dental provision in the UK. Amongst the principal medical and clinical developments in dentistry, all are being driven forward at an ever-increasing rate by technological advances. In addition, the gradual globalization of the supply of many products used […]

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What are Prepaid Funerals?

If you’ve heard the expression “prepaid funeral plans”, the following brief guide might provide some useful additional information. The origins of funeral plans For a long time, many people have saved for their funerals. There’s nothing morbid in that. It is just a way of trying to ensure that we don’t leave our loved ones […]

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Financing Loans Tips

Refinancing Your Car Loan

When you purchased your car, prevailing interest rates or your credit history might have been a little different than they are today. If either of these things have changed substantially, or if other factors have made a better auto loan option available to you, weigh the options carefully. There are generally three main reasons why […]

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