Here’s How to Make Money Online

Greetings fellow make money online marketers. I’m following my last keyword weighted post here at How to Make Money Online Hints, which I really went to town over in order to push forward the importance of using the keywords you want to rank for in your posts as well as getting back links to your site to improve its SERPs placement and authority. Well that was then, this is now.

Here’s how to make money online. Its a bold statement that probably got your attention pretty quick which is the reason you’re here and reading through my annoyingly long drawn out way of writing to get to the best bits, or that point in the proceedings where I spill the beans and actually come out and tell you how to make money online. Well, you may well have heard a lot of this before, in fact I’m sure you have, but there is more to my rambling style than meets the eye.

This post has a dual function as always. I don’t just spend all this time hammering away at the keypad for my health and neither do I do it just to pad out this blog with content, although that is certainly a part of it. I also don’t do it just to give away large portions of my not inconsiderable knowledge to those of you who have, by hook or by crook, found this helpful, make money hints blog of mine which is all about how to make money online. Nope, I do it for all of these reasons combined and more.

You see, part of building up a website or blog is of course creating lots of good, keyword relevant content in order for the serach engines to find it relevant enough to include it in their respective indexes. Or should that be indeces? Mmm, not important. You see this is all leading somewhere and its important that you understand why I’m doing this.

Let’s face it the only search engine really worth getting to the top of is Google, because they are simply the search engine that by far the majority of people use. And you need to attract a portion of those people to come to your site, if you want to make money online, as these people are all potential customers, or at the very least they are the people that will make money for you. I’ve said it befire, but I’ll say it again and again because it is so important to grasp if you want to stand any chance of making money online any time soon. You need organic search traffic and you need it to be targeted to your niche to stand any chance of getting your site to make money for you.

Forget trying to attract stumblers and digg traffic or any of the other social site traffic as a source of income, because social traffic will not click your ads or click your affiliate links. Why? Because the vast majority of social traffic are marketers just like you. They know what an adsense or other PPC ad looks like and they simply don’t click them. They know what an affiliate ad looks like and if they wanted to go buy a product from Clickbank, they’ll use their own affiliate link to buy it and get their own discount, not yours or give you the commission.

Once you get that idea firmly entrenched into your grey matter, then you can start to throw off the shackles of the A-lister blogger mentality that will keep you broke for as long as your credit card stays under its limit and start to learn the truth about how to make money online!

You make it using the make money online tools that are freely available to everyone who has the nouse to look for them. I’ve already mentioned PPC, chiefly adsense. This is not going to be a post about adsense as there are other more knowledgeable souls out there than me on that subject. Suffice it to say, having a niche site well positioned in the Google index with adsense will make money for you. Ten sites all in different niches and all equally well positioned in the SERPs will make money in spades for you.

But there are more ways to skin a cat, likewise there are more ways to make money online than the average marketer can shake a stick at. So here is one of them that I am knowledgeable about. Domains. Or more specifically using domains as online real estate for using as your fast make money online tools.


Buying new domains from the likes of GoDaddy is fine, but its getting increasingly tough to find appropriate domain names for your niche that have the coveted .com suffix. Plus the fact that new domains that have great websites or blogs added to them can suffer the effect known as the sandbox if they get too popular or attract too much traffic too soon. They start off well and do nicely in the SERPs attracting good organic traffic for a month or two then they disappear off the map and traffic drops to nothing. That’s the sandbox and new sites can expect to spend some time in there, from a few weeks to several months, until they suddenly emerge and go back into the index and start seeing traffic again.

One very good way of avioding the sandbox is to buy a domain that already exists and has been around for over two years more or less. These can be had at auction, some with working websites already on them that are attracting good traffic and have good SERPs placement. These domains will not be cheap, but can be had at prices ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending upon their age, traffic stats, income generation etc.

Of course you could go your own route by buying an expired domain from Godaddy Auctions and build up yoru own authority site from scratch. Using an aged, authority domain, you have the benefit of Google’s trust, the age of the domain gives it more authority than a new one and a well built site with plenty of relevant content can see itself rising quickly in the SERPs with the right promotional work of getting links and building trust.

Then you have more options. Once you’ve built up your site with good SEO and are attracting some targeted organic search traffic, you can make money from your website using certain monetisation such as PPC (adsense) or promoting affiliate products, leads or even put up some eBay store widgets.

Or you can make a lot of money fast by flipping the site. This is simply a term relating to reselling the domain with the site you built for a hefty profit. And I do mean hefty.

An expired domain that probably cost you $15 or thereabouts to purchase, plus a few weeks of writing and link building and a few months of maturing could pay dividends if your site is capeable of generating a good income from the monetisation techniques already mentioned and has the verifiable serach engine traffic to do it with, you could be looking at a profit into the thousands of dollars range.

So when I started this post and I said here’s how to make money online and then started to ramble on a little in order to make this post work for me as well as provide information for you, I reckon that now you’ve gotten to this point, I’ve done exactly what I said I would do.

Shown you exactly how to make money online.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints


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