Month: April 2015

Money Saving Tips

Monitoring Your Personal Finances

  Monitoring your personal finances is not always easy, but it is necessary. Whether you are saving up for a new home, a car, or a vacation, or if you just want to keep track of your expenses and create a budget, monitoring your spending habits and bills can help. Once you know how much […]

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Business Tips

How to Turn Around Your Struggling Business

Running a company is not always as easy as you might think it is but even if you are having difficulty, you can still turn your struggles into strengths and learn from your mistakes. If you think carefully, get some excellent assistance, and persevere you can turn your struggling company into a success once again.  […]

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Mortgage Tips

Need To Raise Funds? Try These 4 Ways Of Releasing Equity From Your Home

At some point in your life, there will be a time when you need to raise funds. Maybe you have a baby on the way and need to pay for an extra room to be built onto your house? Or perhaps you have a business idea that needs investment but you can’t get a bank […]

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Five Tips for Your Buy-to-Let Investments

If you are at the point in your financial life that you can make some sound investments to improve your portfolio, you may want to consider buy-to-let property that can certainly add to your bottom line. As with all of your other ventures, you should first do an extensive amount of research on the market, […]

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Savings Tips

How to Be Entertained on a Limited Budget

  Let’s face it: budgeting money can be both difficult and unenjoyable. Planning each month (for the cost of housing, food, transportation, and insurance) takes patience, practice, and skill. Budgeting for necessities, however, allows some room for personal enjoyment and entertainment. Even if money isn’t overflowing in your wallet or bank account, with the right […]

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Money Tips

7 Tips for Creating a Solid Budget after Graduating College

Graduating college is a very exciting time for any person. It can also be a very scary and nerve-racking time. Many people are confused about where to go and how to create a lifestyle outside of college. One area that people struggle with most is budgeting. Creating a budget that will not only be easy […]

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Budgeting for a Holiday

It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city or have a change of scene. But sometimes the costs of even a holiday within India can seem too high. When you start looking at your regular spending, however, you’ll often find many areas where you can save money on a […]

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Insurance Tips

Why Insurance is Important

  We’ve been conditioned to believe that proper health care is a luxury, not a necessity. We’ve been taught to hold off on seeing doctors, that we can forego preventive care, and to wait until we have something seriously wrong with us to seek treatment. Until last year, even something as basic and necessary as […]

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How to Make Your Rental Property Appealing

  Property is a fantastic long term investment and can also provide short term financial stability if you can secure constant rental income. However, if the property is in need of renovation or decorated in loud colour schemes, then you may have trouble securing a long term tenant or getting the highest possible rental income. […]

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Insurance Money Saving Tips Tips

Convincing ways of saving your dollars on your car insurance policy

According to recent reports by a survey of brokers who sell coverage individually, health insurance premiums are showing the sharpest jump. The healthcare analysts of Morgan Stanley conducted the survey of 150 brokers. The April survey showed the largest increase in individual and small group rates in any of the quarterly periods that have been […]

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