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This how to make money online article won’t be quite such a long post as previous offerings, like my last one here at How To Make Money Online Hints, which was a bit of an epic, due to time constraints and the fact that what I want to write about shouldn’t take too long.

I’ve been monitoring what this blog has been doing on Google’s pages and have managed to stay firmly rooted on page one for this particular search term, fast make money, for nearly a week now. In fact if it wasn’t for YouTube and the entry having a double inclusion, I’d be in fourth place! Never mind, the point is, for a PR0 blog to out rank a lot of highly SEO’d make money chasing blogs and websites means I’m doing something right.

So what was I going to write about in so few words today? Oh yes, keywords and the searching and researching thereof to make money fast.

It’s the keywords and your using them to your advantage that get you onto the first page of the SERPs which is where you’ll pick up a goodly portion of organic search traffic from which you’ll make money online – as long as you’re not in the damn make money niche. Because while everybody and his dog are fighting tooth and nail to get onto that first page of Google’s elite, its all for pretty much nought apart from the credibility it gets you, because for the most part, your searchers will be seasoned Internet Marketers who aren’t going to click on your ads in the first place!

I think I might have mentioned that little snippet of information previously, but its so important that I should mention it in every post I make, so newcomers to this game will not be misled into believing they will make a small fortune from putting up a “how to make money online” site and waiting for the dollars to come rolling in on th red carpet.

Anyways, back to the point. Keywords used properly will take you a long way up the SERPs ladder in whatever niche you decide to attack. Including this one. But you are much better off putting your energy into a niche blog where once you have made it to page one, the traffic you’ll get are much more likely to click your ads and therefore earn you some cash!

So how do you find the keywords?

Well its about time he got around to that bit, which is only the whole reason for this ever so short post… Mmm, I use a well known keyword research tool, that’s how. I still have to use my imagination to come up with ideas and possible keywords that not only might produce some returns, but that have some affiliate products worth promoting in the first instance so I can make money from them.

Not much point in coming up with a killer keyword, then researching it to find it gets a thousand searches a day with only a couple of thousand competitive pages in Google (niche Nirvana, by the way) only to find there isn’t a product that you can sell to them (niche bummer, by the way)!

But get the two together and BAM! you have all the ingredients to make your mark (and fast make money) as long as you have a good domain, preferable an aged one, with your keywords in the domain name. Put up a WordPress blog with a good SEO theme, like this one and read my previous informative posts here and (if you can stay awake) over at my other How to Make Money Online site too which will tell you how and away you go.

Now what was that keyword research tool by the way? Oh, its in my sidebar, see to your right and up a bit, with the small image, that’s it – Keyword Elite!

Terry Didcott
How to Make Money Online Hints


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