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Welcome to Make Money Hints, my blog that is all about tips, tricks, techniques and make money hints on how to make money online.

While there are a ton of other blogs out there all trying to tell you how to make money online, very few of them are even close to the mark. That’s because they’re written by rank newbies who don’t even make money online themselves, so how the hell can they be telling you how to make money online with any authority or credibility?

The short answer is that they cannot.

Most successful Internet Marketers tend not to divulge their make money secrets or give away their closely guarded money hints to anyone else for fear that they might steal their ideas and compete for their slice of the make money online pie. Of course they’ll sell you their ebook with most of their money hints and ways to make money online, but they still won’t tell you everything they know. Well that’s fine for them and its not my concern what other Internet Marketers do or don’t do.

What I will tell you straight from the beginning here is that 95% of all Internet Marketers fail online and of the 5% that do make money, only a small percentage of them actually make a lot of money.

So why is this?

Because there is so much hype out there from “get rich quick” mongers and so many newbies fall into the trap of believing that all they have to do is buy this or that great product for godknows how many hundreds of dollars then press a button and sit back while the money falls into their lap.

Well, wake up call – easy money does not exist.

The truth is that the only sure-fire way to make money online without scamming people is to work bloody hard for it!

If you’re still with me after that one of my sound, solid make money hints, then maybe you are interested enough to actually give this a go! I don’t want to frighten anyone off, but to make money online, you need several skills that if you don’t already have them, you need to learn them and soon. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • To be able to write
  • To be able to read
  • To be willing to learn
  • To have an open mind
  • To be a stayer, not a quitter

That’ll do you for starters. If you don’t possess ALL of those qualities, then start looking in the classified ads for job vacancies at McDonalds, because you don’t stand a chance online without these basic traits. Want to know what else? Even with these essentials, you still need a whole lot more besides, but at least with the basic building blocks you can get started and see if this kind of work suits you.

Because make no mistake – it is work.

So let’s take each of those essential traits and break them down into digestible pieces.

To be able to write means you can write in reasonably good English with reasonably good grammar and spelling. You need to be able to write interesting pieces on whatever subject interests you that other people will be able to read easily and be interested enough to want to read more of what you write. That’s because despite what anyone might tell you about the popularity of video podcasts and audio messages, the written word is still very much king and web content is what will make money for your online enterprise.

To be able to read is a no brainer as you will need to be able to do that to learn the ton of knowledge that you’ll need to succeed online and actually stand any chance to make money. A lesser realized reason is that you will also need to have an interest in reading in order to read other people’s blogs and digest and understand what they’re telling you as well as being able to filter out the bullshit for what it is. That’s because 90% of what you’ll read from aspiring Internet Marketers is regurgitated bullshit they got from some other newbie who hasn’t the first clue how to make money online because they got their information third hand from some other know-nothing penniless newbie.

If you think that’s in your face, then you better get used to it, because there is nothing more heart-breaking than putting a year of your life onto a project only to see it fail because you were working on bad or inaccurate advice from someone who didn’t have the first clue themselves.

Be willing to learn because you will need to spend countless hours learning how to make money online and I’m not talking about a few lousy dollars, I mean sufficient money to be able to live off. Otherwise sweeping the floors in McDonalds is what you’ll be doing to pay the rent!

To have an open mind means you’ll be able to avail yourself of techniques and methods that at first glance might seem unethical or go against your own beliefs. Well, wake up call number two – you have to ask yourself one important question. “Do I want to make money online?” If the answer is YES, then you will have to leave your morals at the door before you walk into your office and switch your computer on. Some of the methods you will need to employ to make money by definition have to be hard-nosed and competitive, because you will have many rivals for every dollar you want to earn and if you don’t grab it first, then someone else will get it before you. So keep an open mind as to some of the methods you will come across – as long as you are not actually hurting anyone, then you can sleep with a clear conscience.

Be a stayer, not a quitter because if you spend several weeks or months in building something and it doesn’t bring the rewards straight away you have to keep at it in order to see your labours bear fruit. While there are some underhand methods available to use to make money pretty fast, your mainstay online income will come from long term investments in time, hard work and patience. If you give up too soon without waiting for results to happen, then you’ll just be joining the 95% of all other Internet Marketers who have failed and will continue to fail because they gave up too soon.

Bottom line is: NEVER GIVE UP!

If you never give up and always believe in yourself, then with the right information, determination and motivation you will succeed and make money online.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints

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