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Make money comments? What could he mean? Well, this goes more so for established blogs, unlike this Make Money Hints blog which is still relatively new, who are plagued by spam commenters leaving floods of link filled comments that have nothing to do with make money or whatever niche your blog happens to live in.

In the past, I simply let Askimet deal with the spammers and every couple of days I’d just go in and clear it out with the big, satisfying delete button. But all that time, I was squandering an easy make money online resource without even realizing!

Oh yes, when you open your eyes, an opportunity to make money more can be created out of practically anything. And I suddenly saw the potential after commenting myself in another person’s blog. Just for fun, I made the comment heavily laden with the guy’s main keywords, make money and make money online, just to help his SEO a little, which of course it does. Well, the idea of the century didn’t exactly hit me over the head with a shovel at the time, but a few minutes later I got a spam comment in one of my make money free Blogger blogs. I looked at it and saw that it would have been almost a shame to not approve it, as although it contained a few links to the spammer’s sites, it also contained my main keywords of make money and make money online a few times.

That got me thinking – why not edit the comment and simply delete all the crap links, but keep all the useful main keywords?

Unfortunately, with Blogger blogs, the ability to edit comments does not exist (at least not that I can see), so I had to delete the comment, because there was no way I was letting it through the net while it contained all those unwanted links, despite it containing those easy make money and make money online keywords. But that’s when the shovel finally found the back of my head.


I’d just stumbled upon a glorious way of boosting the popularity of my self hosted WordPress blogs with little work on my behalf. You see, while you cannot edit comments in Blogger blogs, you sure as hell can edit them in self hosted WordPress blogs! That means, for this Money Hints blog in particular (and all my other niche blogs in general, I can actually take each new spam comment I get, clear out all their crap and write my own comment, suitably laced with my main keywords.

Do you see how this could potentially be the holy grail of SEO magic for blogs?

Its so important to rank well for your main keywords if you want to go on to attract organic search traffic to your blog, because that’s the only kind of traffic that are likely to click on your ads and make money for you. Forget social network traffic, as while it might look good on your stats, it won’t make money for you because, let’s face it, the vast majority of people involved in social networks are Internet Marketers and these are precisely the people who will visit your site but never click on any of your ads.

Think about it.

  • Are you an Internet Marketer? Do you click on anybody else’s ads?
  • Well of course you don’t!
  • So do you make money for any blog owner you visit? Nope!
  • On the other hand, targeted, organic traffic derived from the search engines – and let’s be brutal here, there is only one search engine that really matters when it comes to traffic and that’s Google – will be much more likely to click on your ads and make money for you especially if they don’t find what they want on your blog.

So we as bloggers must work as hard as we can on our SEO to make sure that we rank as highly as possible in Google’s organic search pages in order to attract that traffic to our blogs so we can make money.

Part of that SEO involves building backlinks, we all know that. Also a big part of it involves on-site SEO which means your main keywords (make money, make money hints and make money online in my case) must be obvious and occur often enough for the Google search bots to pick them out because of their high frequency. Just remember that they must not so frequent as to appear as keyword stuffing, which will have a detrimental effect on your search ranking. You should aim for about 5% keyword density in your posts.

But posts are not the only content that lives on your blog. Comments not only count as content, but the volume of them also count as pointers to your blog’s popularity. So if you have several comments for every post and all those comments contain 5% keyword density as well as you posts, then your on-site SEO has just taken a leap forward over your competitor’s blogs! Meaning you will beat them in the SERPs, attract more organic traffic and make money as a result!

Now is that worth the extra effort to edit your spam comments rather than deleting them?

You bet!

Now go edit your comments, put some make money online keywords in them and boost your on-site SEO!

Terry Didcott
Freedom Writer
Make Money Hints


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