5 Great Ways to Save Money on Accommodation in Australia

Backpacking in Australia may be one of those things you have on your bucket list that perhaps you have put off because you think it will be far too expensive.  While it is true that some of the accommodation can cost a lot, there are ways round paying these prices.  In the following article we will give you 5 great tips that will help you to save money so that you can have a roof over your head and a bed to sleep on when you travel down under.

Book Mid-Week

One way to save lots on your accommodation is by booking a trip that does not include a visit to the bigger cities during the weekend.  You’d be surprised at the price of beds during weekends, with some the beds being triple the price they are halfway through a working week.

There’s No Harm in Trying to Negotiate

Although it may not come naturally to you, it is worth trying to haggle for better deals when speaking with hotel representatives.  Keep in mind that the travel industry is very competitive and many hotels will do all they can to have a full house, rather than keeping rooms empty unless they get the asking price from prospective guests.  After all, the worst they really can do is say no.

Keep Camping As a Viable Option

Depending on where you go, the number of people in your holiday party and whether you are looking at un-powered or powered camp sites, camping could be a very inexpensive form of accommodation for your trip to Australia.  Though it might mean you have to compromise on certain luxuries you may have enjoyed in a hotel or other more traditional dwelling, these compromises may make the difference between a trip to Australia becoming a reality or just remaining a pipe dream.

Try Housesitting

Housesitting is a modern form of holidaymaking.  The major downside to this is that you have to be flexible enough in terms of where you want to stay in Australia and when you want to go.  It is an option that would mostly likely suit retired or semi-retired individuals and couples.  While it is not the easiest way to get down under, it is still worth considering if it fits into your current lifestyle.

Hotel Booking Websites

Even though the above paragraphs have mainly focused on more unconventional forms of accommodation; there are still ways you find excellent deals and save money on hotel rooms.  Besides negotiating with the hotel directly you can use hotel booking sites to find a room and deal that suits your own preferences.

Trying to arrange a holiday anywhere, let alone one in the other side of the world, can be very stressful.  However, if you use this post as a reference when you are trying to book that dream holiday down under, we hope you will find it an easier and calmer process.

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