Travelling to Australia, then forget Sydney and visit Darwin

If you are planning a trip to Australia in the coming year or two, then you may want to reconsider your itinerary of your visit. Forget about Sydney and visit Darwin instead.

This tropical paradise, located within Australia’s Northern territory, Darwin captivates visitors with colours and sounds. Its lush vegetation and amazing food makes it an ideal place to visit.

Because of its location and tropical climate, Darwin is one of the country’s tourist hotspots during the summer months. Darwin plays host to a number of exquisite restaurants offering a number of different cuisines to suit all tastes; from European and Asian to Western and Mediterranean. If the beach is more your thing, then do try and make time to visit Mindil beach, with its beautiful blue and clear waters and vibrant night markets. You can also take in the local music talent too, as well as picking up some hand crafted gifts from the night market.

Darwin has a number of attractions for you to see whilst visiting, so you’ll need a great place to stay. There are a number of hotels that you could try out, but if you are looking for a more relaxed place to rest your head you may want to check out some Darwin accommodation apartments.

There are a number of attractions within Darwin, and the surrounding area, that you could visit. Here are some of the best:

  • Aquascene
  • Australian Aviation Heritage Centre
  • Crocodylus Park
  • Darwin Crocodile Farm
  • Aboriginal Corroborees
  • Chinese Museum And Temple
  • East Point Military Museum
  • East Point Reserve
  • Fannie Bay Gaol Museum
  • Indo-Pacific Marine Exhibition
  • Museum And Art Gallery
  • Parliament House
  • Myilly Point Historic Precinct
  • Adelaide River Wetlands

As you already now know, Darwin has a naturally warm climate, especially during the summer months, so you can expect plenty of open air activities during these months. You will find these located throughout Darwin, and it is best to check out beachfronts, markets and parks when you arrive. Also do not be afraid to ask the locals, or head down to your nearest tourist office to find out what activities are being held and where, during your time in Darwin.

If culture and history is more your thing, you are in luck, Darwin is home to Aborigine tribes, and you can learn much more about them at the Museum and Art Gallery of NT. Here you will find a number of local artifacts, as well as items from Asia and nearby localities.

Surrounding Darwin, within the Australia Northern territory, you will also discover a number of National Parks. These include the Litchfield National Park, the Kakadu National Park, as well as the Tiwi Islands. If you are looking to stay within Darwin itself, why not plan a visit to the Botanic Gardens, where you will find a number of tropical flowers and lush vegetation. Another popular destination with visitors to Darwin is the Casuarina Costal Reserve. This ecological park is full of natural wonders, from plant life to a wide range of animals. The reserves provide an important safeguarded place for a number of different species.

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