How to Save on a Luxury Hotel Break

Saving money on Luxury Hotel

We’ve all had the dreaded Sunday blues and painful moments of sitting in endless traffic in the pouring rain on the 9-5 grind each week. It’s good to unwind and relax to escape the norm and indulge in a little luxury whether it is some expensive bubble bath or a massage. Make your time-out a little different this year and book a much-needed getaway to a luxury hotel. If you are clever about it, it shouldn’t cost the earth. Read on for top tips on how to save on a 5* hotel break.


Sign up for discount sites

I hadn’t heard of these sites until recently but you can get an excellent bargain online from member-only websites such as and If you sign up for the email alerts you can get notifications of breaks when they go on offer. Depending on the type of break you are looking for you can choose from UK locations or further afield around the world. The only downside to these is that you need to be really on the ball with your arrival dates and how far you are willing to travel. Then, as soon as a suitable offer goes live you can pounce on it. If you are waiting last minute to book your vacation, I’d recommend searching for Club Med last-minute deals and you can get an extra saving off your trip.


Comparison sites

Your first stop for searching for a hotel deal is comparison sites. Usually, four is enough to give you a good indication of the cheapest rate you can get for a room. It’s amazing how different room prices can be from site to site. I’ve heard that Trivago tends to feature the best offers but check out travel supermarket,, and TripAdvisor too. The beauty of this site is that you can search for the best prices rooms in the destination you want to travel to plus read reviews from previous guests and see their images. Once you have the best deal on a comparison site, call the hotel directly and ask if they can beat it. You’ll probably find that they will as they don’t really like taking bookings through a broker. Result!


Beware of hidden taxes and charges

So you’ve found a deal and click through to the booking page – oh wait there’s added taxes? Yup, it often happens that hidden charges appear on your final cost. Some brokers keep this hidden until the booking page or even worse, when you arrive at the hotel. Popular resorts and countries such as the Balearics and American cities add room or city tax which is becoming more known now but double check before pressing ‘book’ if you are likely to incur more costs when booking your hotel.


Cancel then re-book to save cash

Typically you’ll get a 24-48 hour cancellation period where you can cancel your trip. Keep an eye on booking sites for the same room package and check if the price falls or includes added extras such as breakfast or a beauty treatment, for less cost. If you’re lucky enough to have a saving then check your original booking first for cancellation fees and work out if you will make a saving by canceling and re-booking. You need to be on the ball again with this one and act fast so you don’t miss out on your chosen room and hotel but if you pull it off you could potentially save hundreds of pounds. Usually, this will work with the same website you originally booked with.

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