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Following on from the first post here at Money Hints, which was entitled simply Make Money Hints, I’ll be using this post to make good use of the first of the extremely useful make money hints online that I want to show you.

Make Money Hints Online

It’s earlier on in the scheme of things than I would have preferred, but in this case is an essential part of the process of getting a new blog, which this one essentially is, indexed by Google very, very fast.

It involves a little known trick that is easy to make use of and quite legitimate. It’s just that not many people at all are aware of this to get their site or blog indexed fast. But first a warning:


That is the fastest way of getting your site or blog put at the bottom of a very long and slow moving list of sites all waiting to be indexed. Don’t do it, there are many, much faster and more useful ways to do it.

One of the most popular ways of getting a new site or blog indexed within a week or less is to submit an article to ezine articles and let the Google spiders follow the link in your resource box back to your site. As ezine articles is a PR6 site, it gets spidered every day by Google and so any links are also followed back to their originator.

But there is an even better and infinitely faster way to get a new site indexed within a few minutes!

Yes, you heard right, that was no typo. You can get a new site indexed in minutes if you follow these instructions to the letter.

Do a search on Google for a keyword phrase that you know no one will have used before. In the case of this site, I have used my site’s main keywords “make money hints” in the search term which for some strange reason exactly matches the title of this post. “Make Money Hints Online” is what I just searched for and found that there are no pages indexed for that search term.


  • Then I write my post which is this one you are reading right now.
  • Then I publish it.
  • Then I ping this page (not the site) to Google using their own pinging service.
  • Then I ping the usual services like technorati etc using
  • Then I check the Google search term “Make Money Hints Online” a few minutes later and…
  • Hey presto, there is this page as the only result, so that effectively puts me top of page one on Google!
  • I’ll go and do that now, then edit this page with some more info on why that happens and to tell you how long it took to get “Make Money Hints Online” indexed…
  • …ok I’m back. I published this at 11:33 and checked Google at 11:41 and I was there! 8 minutes. Mmm a bit slow but I’ll settle for that!

So why did that work?

Well it’s all common sense stuff from Google’s point of view really. You see, they want to provide the best search results online and to do that they have to be able to have relevant pages indexed for every search term that their clients enter. That’s you and me. So when someone enters a search term and they don’t have any pages indexed that are relevant, a flag is set to be on the lookout for a relevant page coming online. As soon as it finds one, it will index it quickly to satisfy the search term and keep up its good service.

So by me doing the search on Make Money Hints Online and there not being any relevant pages for that keyword phrase, Google set its radar on alert for the first relevant page that appeared, which of course was mine. I helped the process go quicker by pinging Google and actually helping them by telling them that the relevant page they wanted was now published – mine!

If you look at the structure of this post, you may notice that I not only link back to the previous post, but also to the site’s homepage in my sign-off at the end. I do that with every post I make and that is so when the Google bot spiders this post to satisfy its search for Make Money Hints Online, it will also find the other links on the page and follow them too, effectively indexing the whole site as it does so.

As this site is a domain I just bought, it would not normally get indexed for quite some time, so I’ve just sped up the process a little (well, a lot) so that I can work on more SEO to start the long and difficult climb up the Make Money Online ladder to rank high in the SERPs.

If you found this post useful, I’d appreciate it if you submitted it to your favourite social bookmarking site to give it a leg-up and point other information hungry people to some good sound and relevant advice on how to make money online with my Make Money Hints Online post and this Money Hints site!


Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints

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