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Welcome back to another riveting post on the whys and wherefores that you can learn how to make money online. In this post, I’m going to mention one way in particular that you can make money by avoiding something. That something is the scourge of newbie Internet marketers known as the paid monthly subscription sites.

There are plenty of them around and they all promise to make you rich if you follow their teachings month by month, while they relieve your credit card of their fee. This subscription fee varies from scam to scam, er, I mean from scheme to scheme but you’ll be out of pocket to a greater or lesser degree either way. Some charge as little as $30 a month while others like to go for the ubiquitous $97 a month and some charge way more than that.

So what do you get for your money?

Very little that you can actually use in 99% of them. A quick backpedal here – there is the 1% that actually will teach you something useful (I’m thinking Court’s Keyword Academy and Vic’s mentoring program here) but you still have to take that knowledge and apply it. Most don’t, then moan that the scheme doesn’t work.

The rest of them are 95% hype and 5% recycled same old same old and you might make a little cash from them but for most of them you will not cover your subscription fee.

Of course, there is one person that these paid subscription sites make a ton of money for. The owner. Looking at them from the opposite direction anyone with two eyes in their head cab see the obvious staring back at them. The person who sets one of these things up and markets it to all the newbie wannabes out there who are looking to buy into the make money online dream, that’s the person who will make money online in spades from their paid subscription site. So, in all honesty, paid subscription sites do make huge amounts of money for at least one person!

For the rest of the people sucked in by the hype and promises of easy money, the reality is far different. They will spend a lot of time reading up on the method, then when they go and try to put it into practice they find that the promised riches do not drop out of the sky into their laps. The opposite, in fact in that they make absolutely zilch.

So what goes wrong when all the mentoring, teaching, information and guidance should result in an Aladdin’s cave of treasure? And why am I not even bothering to single out any particular scheme to compare and contrast will the multitude of others?

Second question first – they are pretty much all of a muchness. The basic model is the same:

  1. Buy domain, build website
  2. FIll it with all the free PLR articles they give away
  3. Fill it with PLR products to sell as your own
  4. Get traffic, build your list to pimp your stuff to
  5. Sit back and watch the gravy train roll in

That’s pretty much how it works for most of them and that model fails 95% of all new Internet marketers. Why? Because it rarely works unless you are so determined and pig headed that you’ll stick at it for years and build up a huge list of thousands of people. Do that and you will sell stuff by the law of averages. It’s a numbers game, and if this is your first time to hear this, you need to understand that to sell anything you have to fail to sell stuff to a number of people before you get a sale. Basic salesman stuff, but it’s oh, so true whether your flogging stuff online or knocking on peoples’ doors.

Most people don’t have the patience to wait that long and so give up and become one of the statistics aka one of the 95% of failures. Along the way, they may have spent many hundreds of dollars to find out. They feel ripped off, scammed, let down. Understandably so, because they got a crap shot and crapped out. If you are even thinking about buying into a paid membership site, think twice. Read Lis’ article on Teaching Sells to get a real hard hitting review on one of the new scams, er, I mean schemes that are hyping their way to a computer near you as we speak. Or read.

Are there alternatives?

Hell yes! But you have to shut out all that hype and all the promises of easy money, because the reality is that there is no easy money. Its a lie. What is not a lie is that there is a huge amount of money to be made from the Internet. You just have to be in possession of the right knowledge. This is information you can get for free in several places online from real people who are making real money for themselves without taking a penny from anyone else. You have already been introduced to several of them in previous posts in this very blog, so I won’t go over it all again here.

I am one one them too.

Although I’m not so foolish as to go publicizing how much I personally make online. Suffice it to say, I make my living from the Internet and it doesn’t cost anyone else a penny. I don’t run subscription sites and I don’t sell crap to people.

I do post a few ads here and there on my many websites and make money from commissions or even the occasional flip but if people buy from the advertisers, they are spending their money elsewhere. But those people come from the search engines looking for answers and I give them some and the ads may give them more. That’s how it works. I’m not going to hark on about how to get the right kind of traffic to your site. I’ve already done that in previous posts right here and at my sister make money online sites.

Lastly, if you are going to heed this advice and avoid paid subscription sites like the plague, you need to know how you can make money online legitimately without ripping anyone else off and by putting in a lot of hard work yourself, because that how you’re going to do it. Read this blog, go read Griz or Vic, or Court. Check google – the top site for the term “make money online” is Griz’s site and its a wealth of legit information. Its the top site because he knows what he’s doing and he shows you how to do it.

I’ve echoed his teachings in this very blog. Its a model that works and you can do it for free. Then at least if you don’t have the balls to work hard at this, you have lost nothing except some time. And if you do have the balls to work hard, you can make a good living from the Internet too.

Never give up!

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