Home Improvement and ROI

Living Room 6

Living Room 6Owning a home can be both a pleasure and a pain. The pleasure of owning a home comes from having something that is all your own. It means that you can decorate it and paint it in whatever style you want without worrying about a landlord. The painful part of owning a home stems from your pocketbook and bank account; in other words, it’s expensive. There are myriad expenses and repairs associated with owning a home. Some of the expenses can actually give a homeowner an ROI or “return on investment” if they ever decide to sell the property or get an appraisal.

Kitchen Home Improvements

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Many claim to purchase their new property based on whether a kitchen is impressive or not. Some small additions in the kitchen that aren’t very costly can increase its value and give you a high ROI. Cabinets are a great place to start. People can replace or reface old cabinets for a relatively low cost and come out with a flattering result that will increase kitchen value. Also, replacing the cabinet door handles is a great idea for those that want an easy and cheap project with nice results.

Other kitchen improvements include adding or replacing faucets, sinks, and lighting options. Replacing older faucets that may be leaky or unappealing is a task that takes very little time and money. There are many faucet sets at home improvement stores that range from one hundred to several hundred dollars. Lighting fixtures can be replaced for around the same price and give the entire kitchen a fresh and brighter appearance. With the kitchen being a big selling feature, these small home improvement projects can yield big monetary results if the time comes to sell or get an appraisal for home equity.

Bathroom Improvements

Coming home for a nice, relaxing shower or bath is important for many people. If you notice that your bathroom looks out of date, it may be time to invest some money into a bathroom improvement project. The ROI on a bathroom improvement can be more than two-fold if the right things are updated and upgraded.

Simple bathroom projects that are cheap but can add value to the home are updating sinks, toilet seats, and flooring. Older sinks can be upgraded easily with some affordable features and additions that can be found for relatively low prices. There are pedal sinks that have become quite popular and don’t cost much money to buy and install. This nice addition adds appeal and convenience to the bathroom without breaking the bank. Sometimes simply replacing an old toilet seat cover with a new one can help. An old toilet seat can make the entire bathroom appear old and dated. A new and clean one can go a long way toward increasing the value of the home overall.

Unique Home Improvement Ideas

Some less common things to do for increasing a home’s value are converting a cellar, attic, or basement into something worthwhile. One unique idea is to convert a dark and dank cellar into a bright and lovely spare bedroom that may only take some paint, cleaning, and carpeting to achieve. Other ideas include converting these spaces into nurseries, game rooms, or living rooms. This can add value to a home by giving it an added feature that will appeal to appraisers and buyers. Getting an ROI on your home improvement projects is entirely achievable with some basic planning and research.

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