Some Ways to Increase Your Home Value

If you are planning on putting any effort or money into your home, there are some distinct areas that can improve the appearance and function of the home, while increasing the value of your property overall. By investing in the following areas, you can update your home to fit in with current real estate market trends, while appealing to buyers looking for specific home features.

Spiff-up the yard and garden

A great place to start when making home improvements on your home is the outside. Maintaining or installing landscaping that will attract the eye, while not interfering with utility or function, is the key. One way you might achieve this is to update your patio or restore your deck. A patio may require some new tile, pavers, or brick, or adding a stone retaining wall may be a viable option. In terms of improving your deck, consider adding new seating, planters, or railings to give it a more modern look. Wood decks may simply need a new coat of stain or paint to look refreshed.

Refurbish and restore roofing

Every potential home-buyer wants to know the condition of the roof over their head. Improving the roof is a pragmatic way to increase the value of your property. This could be a great opportunity to change things up a bit and add more distinction to your roof. Upgrade asphalt shingles to a more eco-friendly, appealing material such as reclaimed clay or recycled tile. When installing these unique and long-lasting roofing materials, it is prudent to reinforce the beams under your roof to support the added weight. This gives homeowners a chance to add insulation, check for moisture, and basically get a look at what is lurking behind the walls of their home.

Enhancing curb appeal

The first impression a potential buyer gets from your home is what they see when they drive up to your door. Improving the curb appeal of your home is always a feasible way to improve the value and make your home more enticing. This may include paving the driveway and walkways around the structure. If you opt for gravel or other aggregate material for your spaces, be sure to border the areas well with bricks, wood, tile, or other material that will keep the aggregate contained and clean. Be practical about what materials you use and base your choices on the type of traffic the area receives. For example, a heavily used driveway might be more suited to the absence of dust and longevity of asphalt. However, a walkway through your yard and side of the home might be more private and decorative in nature thus making brick, stone, or other textured materials viable.

Freshen up the paint

Nothing spruces up the home like a fresh coat of paint. Painting the interior walls of your home a very neutral color, such as white, eggshell, or beige, allows potential buyers the chance to visualize and imagine the possibilities of the space more effectively. Even if you think a red wall in the bathroom is cool and chic, other buyers may not concur. Give the home a fresh, clean face every year or so, and curb the desire to use bold, distinctive colors unless you are planning to stay in the home for a while!

Taking care to make the home as appealing to a broad range of buyers as possible is the best approach to maintaining or increasing your home’s value. Focus on quality upgrades rather than distinctive designs or features that are more narrow in the appeal. These areas are a great start to preserving and improving your home’s worth, and subsequently, will make your home more alluring to potential buyers in the future.

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