Easy Make Money

Easy make money. Here in this Make Money Hints blog, how does that work then?

Well, this is all about using the content potential of a blog to boost it’s internal SEO by using long tail keywords to help it to climb up the serps ladder in that particular niche. In the case of this blog, that would be the easy make money keywords! Don’t worry if not all of this post is entirely grammatically correct. It couldn’t possibly be for me to successfully add the amount of easy make money keywords to the text that I want to without it sounding a little of colour.

Ho hum, what can you do!

Easy Make Money?

So does this post have a reason? Or more correctly does it have a purpose, for instance in keeping with the information letting theme of this blog? What information on, for example easy make money ways is this post producing?

Well, I don’t like to just write a load of nonsense and hope that it will get past the search engine censors because every post I write has to give at least something in usefulness, or it just becomes an exercise in seeing how many keywords I can insert into my text without it appearing to be overly stuffed with easy make money ones, yet still have a high enough keyword density of easy make money to make it fully loaded SEO-wise.

Ok, here’s the reason for the post and why I’m actually targeting the keywords easy make money. Search-wise, those keywords don’t set the fires alight, but they do have enough to make easy make money from with the traffic they could potentially produce if this blog were to find itself on page one at Google for the keywords, easy make money. That’s because there isn’t a whole lot of competition for those keywords (yet – wait till everyone gets to hear about them!).

The other reason for this exercise is that I have just linked to this blog using the specific keywords easy make money from one of my Make Money niche PR3 blogs, thereby lending it some reasonably heavy duty link juice for that anchor text. So to make that link count, I need to have a titled page in this site for that link to match up to, which it does, perfectly.

That gives this site some keyword authority for easy make money. That’s the start of the process that will also help this site begin to rank for the main keywords of make money and thus start the snowball rolling towards those highly searched pot of gold keywords. Ok, maybe not such a big pot of gold as could be gleaned from other niches, but it’s still there. Enough newcomers to the idea that it is possible to easy make money online join the queue every day and they will need to spend some money on buying affiliate products that will probably not help them one iota, but that I’ll be quite happy to promote them anyway.

After all, that’s exactly what they’ll be doing themselves several months down the line (if they don’t fall by the wayside along the way).

So here’s to how to easy make money online (did I use that one yet?) and may success befall all those who dare to strive for it!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints


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