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Here are some easy make money ways of using expired domains to get a head start in the SERPs and avoid the sandbox.

I want to follow on from my last post here at Make Money Hints, which covered how to get sneaky and turn all your spam comments to your advantage in the SEO wars and get on with another contentious method of getting yourself into a position where you can easily make money from a new website or blog.

Easy Make Money Domains?

Well, we all know how important it is to have your main keywords in your domain name from an SEO standpoint. But when you buy a fresh domain name for your intended niche site you run the risk of being dropped into the sandbox by Google which means you won’t feature anywhere useful in the SERPs and that could last for several months. All that time, you are losing potential revenure from your site because it’s not getting any organic traffic.

So how do you get round the sandbox?

I’ll tell you.

Instead of buying a new domain, have a look at the domain auctions and see if you can find a suitable domain that is up for sale. New domains are likely candidates for the sandbox if Google thinks they might be used for spam sites. A domain older than two years will not be considered for the sandbox purely because of its age and its less likely to be a spam site – that’s because spammers are generally stupid and only use fresh domains. There are thousands of expired or soon to be expired potentially easy make money domains for sale at any given moment and the older the domain, the better.

But won’t that cost a small fortune?

No it won’t.

You can get your hands on expired, or soon to be expired domains for as little as $5 plus the cost of a year’s registration which can be had with discount coupons for less than $10 per year. This is easy make money! Domains that have expired sometimes come with page rank.

Ah, now that is a little icing on the cake.

The longer ago a domain was first registered the better, because when you’re fighting your way up the SERPs with your best SEO and you finally make it to the high pages you’ll come into contact with other highly SEO’d sites that are all vying for the top spots in order to make money more from their sites. The distinction Google will make between sites will be based on things like keyword relevancy, keyword authority, Page Rank, age, whether monetized or not, volume of relevant content… whoah back up a bit… age!

The older your domain, the more authority it will be given by Google and the other search engines. Meaning when all other things become equal, the oldest domain will usually move above its rivals because it is seen as having the most authority. Sort of like respecting your elders and betters!

Only that kind of respect will be your ticket to the easy make money places in the SEPs.

So, how do you go about buying an expired domain?

The easiest place I’ve personally found to buy expired domains is at GoDaddy auctions. Simply go to their site (you can use the link) and click on the “Domain Auctions” tab.

You’ll be taken to their domain auctions page and you’ll be presented with the overview page and an offer to “join The Domain Name Aftermarket”. That’ll cost you a measly $4.95 (yes, you have to spend money to make money!) but you have to do that to be able to bid on or buy the second-hand domains. You’ll have to be signed in first, so if you haven’t already got an account with GoDaddy, then its free to create one – just go here=> GoDaddy, and click on the “create new account” link in the log-in box.

Once you’ve done all that, click on the “Current Auction” tab and then click the link to view expired domains (or view all auctions if you like).

The list you’ll get is huge, but you can narrow your search down a lot by using the “advanced search” link and searching on the keywords you want to see what’s available. Prices start at $5 for “Closeouts” which you can “buy now” without having to bid against anyone. Or you can bid on domains that start at $10 if something catches your eye and you can see a way to easy make money from it! How you do it is really up to you, but to save you a little time floundering around, these make money hints should help.

  • Filter the search by clicking on the “Price” tab to get the cheapest domains first.
  • Check the “Time Left” – that’s how long before the auction (or buy now window) closes.
  • Bid near to the end of the auction for a better chance of winning the domain
  • Use the advanced search feature – it’ll save you hours of searching
  • You can set the number of items displayed. Default is 50 but I change it to 200
  • When you find a domain you like, research it

That last one needs some explaining, so here goes:

Use whatever tools you have available to you to research the domain before you buy it. At least do a whois to ascertain the age of the domain, remember you’re looking for nice old domains but at least two years old will practically guarantee you escape the sandbox.

You can also use a tool like AHREFS to find out if the domain has any verifiable backlinks – very handy way of discovering if it comes with any page rank and if that page rank is likely to stay with the domain once you’ve bought it.

You can also check a domain’s page rank by simply opening it in your browser and using the Google toolbar. You should also Google it to see if they have any of its pages indexed. Sometimes they do, sometimes not which might mean the domain has been de-indexed for some reason. The worst case is if the domain was banned for bad practices, like spamming. Then you will have to tread carefully, but even a banned domain can be fixed by informing Google you are the new owner of the domain and are using it for legitimate purposes through Google Webmaster Tools.

Other than that, go and buy your domain. You’ll have to wait a few days before it is released into your safekeeping, which you can keep a track of at the GoDaddy site by clicking on the “won” link in the “Bidding List” box.

Once you have taken possession of the domain (you’ll get an email from GoDaddy to confirm this) then it’s yours to do what you want with it – preferably to make money!

Terry Didcott
Freedom Writer
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