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Are you happy in your current job or the current position you hold in that company?  Have you ever considered retraining in a different field or upgrading the skills you already have to make you a much better candidate for promotions and improve your employment opportunities?  Whether you have given it any thought before or not, here are 3 signs that it might be time to for you to upskill.

You Feel Frustrated

While it is a normal feeling to want a break from time to time from your normal day to day life.  If you are finding it more and more difficult to drag yourself along to work and feel it is not benefiting you financially or psychologically, it is probably time to make some changes.

It’s important to figure out though if you are feeling stressed because it is a particularly busy period at work or if it’s just that you feel unhappy.  The unhappiness might stem from boredom, if you do not feel you are able to push yourself to go further or if you feel as if you are working hard for very little reward.

Over Time, Accidentally, You’ve Become Lazy

If you have a strict work routine and nothing new has happened, even though you are hitting all the necessary targets required of you, this could be another sign that you need to upskill.

It may be a good idea to look at your day to day responsibilities and see if you can take one thing and improve it, particularly if you feel as if you are spending too much time working on them.  Analyse your management of time at work – why are things taking so long to complete?  Is it because you are spending too much time looking at personal emails or browsing online?  Tackle the issue of time management a little bit at a time.

You Are Becoming More and More Envious Of Colleagues

Perhaps someone who started working for the company after you and not been there as long, already has more responsibilities and seems to be on the fast track to success.  It might be hard to admit at first that you are annoyed or jealous of how well they are doing.  But, the best thing you can do with those feelings is to use them as motivation to take action and make changes.  Obviously, one of the best ways to do this would be to look at courses and see if there is some way you can make yourself more useful to your current employer, or look at a course that could get you that dream job you have always wanted.

It can be a daunting thing to even consider upskilling, but when you decide enough is enough and try to make changes; as well as new qualifications, skills and knowledge, you will also gain that much needed confidence and self-belief boost that will help you improve your financial situation.

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