Workplace Stress – Is It Affecting Your Business?


Running your own business can be a stressful job, and even though you’ve got the added luxury of being your own boss, it comes hand in hand with having to manage your own business finances, advertise to customers, manage staff, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. The majority of small business owners will tell you that it’s not an easy job to do, and becoming stressed at work is sometimes inevitable. If you run your own business and you’re getting stressed out about it when you’re at work, here are just some of the effects that it might have on your business.

Clients Pick Up On It

If you’re beginning to notice a decline in orders, or you see your clients going elsewhere instead of buying from you, it could be because you’re stressed, and they’ve noticed. Stressed people don’t tend to act in a calm, confident manner – which is essential to great customer service and communicating effectively with your clients. So, if your customers are becoming a bit distant recently, taking control of your stress is the first thing that you need to do in order to get them back.

You’re Getting Worse at Managing

If your staff are becoming a little wary of you, or you seem unable to build good relationships with them in work, it might be because you’re coming off as being unpredictable or even aggressive due to being stressed. Although it’s normal to worry about tasks and speak to staff if they’re not getting it done on time, being stressed out at work could cause you to respond in a negative manner, and your staff will react to this. If your staff aren’t happy, your business will be affected as customers will pick up on this. Stress can also make you ignore your problems in an attempt to rid yourself of the anxious feelings, however this will come over as you not caring about your business, which is not a good example to set to your staff.

How to Deal with Workplace Stress

The first step to taking control of your stress is to pinpoint exactly what it is that is stressing you out in order for you to eradicate it or resolve it. If you find yourself constantly worrying about money and are in debt, for example, speaking to a specially trained advisor who can help you to resolve the issue can make a lot of difference, leaving you less stressed and in turn your business will do better. There are also a number of supplements that you can take to help with stress, such as herbal tablets or a good calming tea.

Are you a small business owner who’s experienced stress at work and has dealt with it successfully? If you have any expert advice, tips, or helpful ideas for fellow entrepreneurs, we’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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