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There is no substitute for announcing your arrival or some other item of news to the local vicinity and banners are one way of making these important statements.

Banners are a great way of getting ideas, messages and special offers across to the buying public. Any business can use them and they take no ‘special’ design requirements to design them. In fact, a company behind high quality banner printing will want you to get the very best product for you and so will be incredibly helpful in helping you choose the right material, as well as the best print quality and design

But why use banners, surely social media does it all?

There are many reasons why investing in high quality banner printing will work for your business:

  • They can be fabulous short term marketing tools that are versatile, flexible and portable
  • They come in different shapes and sizes, as well as material in some cases (for example, higher quality material to withstand the weather…)
  • Some banners, like a roller banner can be re-used for other events or keep them specifically for the one-off ‘special’ activity
  • No need for specialist installation; they can be easily fixed and dismantled
  • They are very cost-effective when it comes to the coverage they offer your business; left in situ for a length of time, in places where they are visible to many people, your business if getting targeted exposure that no business can do without!

Getting your banner perfect for the job you need it to do

But many businesses are still unsure as to how best to use high quality banner printing services when comes to creating the perfect banner for their business.

Before you do anything… you simply must decide what if the objective of the banner; in other words what do you want it to do? Knowing how you want your banner to function will help you decide all the answer to the questions that will be raised through the 7 tips below.

In fact, creating and using your banner is not unlike the other tools you intend using that you will have listed in your marketing strategy.

We have put together some hints and tips on getting the best from your banner…

Tip 1: Simple yet attention grabbing design

Banners are viewable form a distance ad so it is work remembering this when you start the design process. In fact, in terms of this marketing tool, the simpler the better. But, you need to bear in mind that graphics need be high quality, the font clear and the font size big enough to grab the attention. Choose colour combinations wisely and the message short so that a glance takes in all the important information.

Tip 2: The benefit

In a sales message, businesses often forget to mention the benefit of buying from them; for example, are your prices the best in town? Is it the service that sets your apart from the others? Or maybe you have a really great offer, too good to miss but ends on Saturday? Whatever it is, you need to make it stand out and obvious to your passing potential customers.

Tip 3: Make an offer…

We have already alluded to this with the benefits tip, but having a special offer or something that draws people in is a great way of hooking the audience – all you have to do is turn them in to paying customers. Having an offer too good to miss is great, so make it the banner headline!

Tip 4: The ‘call to action’

This is traditional in all marketing material and it is included for a reason – it works. Consumers need to be told what to do and by when. So they will get 50% off, but only if they buy by Tuesday. Or maybe they need to log on or call you… whatever your call to action is, included it, make it a simple process for people to do and make it memorable.

Tip 5: Brand it!

You will be surprised the number of businesses that leave off the most important aspect – their logo. Banner printing is one thing, but as cost-effective as it is, leaving off the most important, recognisable graphic of your business is a marketing sin.

Tip 6: Use it! (also known as high traffic & targeted placement)

Rolled up and gathering dust is not bringing in the punters, so think about where you are going to place your banner that will get the most views by the people you want to see it! And, on the flip side of this, if the offer is time limited (that is, has a date when it will be finished) don’t forget to take it down. Leaving it up makes your business look ‘sloppy’.

Tip 6a: Competitive placement

This is not every businesses cup-of-tea, as many people feel it has a negative aspect to it and that is placing your banner opposite or within sight of your main competitor. The idea behind such a move would be you could effectively ‘poach’ potential customers form under their noses. However, there is a school of thought that suggests this places your own business in a negative light, and that any advertising and marketing campaigns should be focused on your business, not highlighting the detriment of others.

But the final decision is yours…

Tip 7: Quality banner printing

Incredibly cost-effective is not a by-word for poor quality, in materials and design. Quite the opposite in fact. High quality banner printing services should give you the product you need to advertise your business, product or service, along with special offers or any other information you want out there. Opting for the wrong material, with a dodgy design could do more to damage your business’s reputation than you think.

Banners are a great way of getting your message across, simply and quickly. They can be used for all manner of messages and they won’t break the marketing budget either! What more could you ask for…?

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