Where to Shop Around For the Best Priced Car

Car Dealership

When it comes to buying a fresh car, either new or used, the lazy option is to go for one of the first three vehicles you look at. If you’re in desperate need of a new car for work purposes sometimes this is the quickest and only option.

However, for those with more time on their hands it is important to shop around to discover the best deal. First decide what you want to spend on a new vehicle and what you need from it. This should narrow down your search so you can target finding the best price for specific cars.

Car Dealerships

Car dealers and supermarkets are great places to start as they allow you to view a broad range of vehicles in person. You can take one or more cars for a test drive to really get a feel for them, while being safe in the knowledge that they’ve all been thoroughly inspected and approved for sale.

Often a higher price is given with dealers though, and they’re not always the most willing to negotiate. After test driving the odd vehicles, you can feel pressured to make a purchase outside your budget, so it is risky.

Visit Local Garages

Local garages have a much more limited range of cars but will sometimes stock a bargain or two. This means they may not have an appropriate and reliable car for your needs or budget, though they may know if one similar will be coming in soon.

They can be a bit less trustworthy but on the whole anything you purchase should have undergone sufficient checks and allow a return if there are problems later. It is a quick and convenient method as you can drive away immediately, though as a small business they will be looking for as large a profit as possible, so may charge over the odds.

Search Online Listings

Browsing for a new car online is a cheap way to study numerous potential new cars. You can use search functions to find models matching your requirements within the local area so no expensive travel costs are incurred.

This gives you instant access to thousands of suitable cars and avoids wasting time and energy travelling between garages and dealers. There’s no added pressure and though you don’t see the car unless a viewing is arranged, you can usually pick up or negotiate for a much better price.

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