Things to do on a money-free day


free-money-day[1]Have you ever spared a minute to think of what life would be like if we didn’t use money for anything?  Well, back in the days, there was no such thing as money, since to barter was the most common practice. This included exchanging goods and even services for something that’s of equal value. Money has a large impact on our lifestyles, but what if you could spend a day without?

Most of the activities to keep yourself entertained include an extra cost, but did you know that some doesn’t include spending a penny? Yes, this is no myth!

Here are some stuffs to do, without having to even touch your wallet!

  • Check out the community website online for the latest calendar. You will surprised to find the things organised by your town’s community or nearby ones, many of which are free and entertaining. This will bring you good times as well as meeting the people that stays near you.
  • How about a good bingo game? It’s more fun when it’s for free, right? Bingo Extra lets you try bingo, as well as slots with its special welcome offer! On a vintage 50s layout, you will have the time of your life! There’s more as you will also get to chat with other players’, throughout the chat facility provided! Furthermore, the site could turn into your favourite escapade on every other days.
  • How about taking those dusty board games out of the attic? There’s no age to play board games plus it is fun when friends and family are gathered together to play! Chess, scrabble, monopoly or why not twister? That would be fun and cost nothing if you already have it.
  • Have you ever baked your own bread? Why not giving it a try, instead of running to the bakery to buy it. The recipe only includes things that you already have in your kitchen; flour, yeast, sugar, salt, butter, egg and water!
  • Treat yourself to a long soaking bath. After days of rushing in the shower, get dressed and go to work, a long bath is well deserved! You won’t need any special products as you may just use green tea bag, honey, jello, milk, Epsom salt, olive oil, Oatmeal, lavender, lemon, ginger, baking soda or even cinnamon. Ingredients which are already at hand!

You may even do some DIY repairs with your favorite tools or work on whatever you have lying around. How about using the old stuffs to make your garden a unique one? From hanging garden tins to a pallet wood garden walkway, everything is possible if you already have the required things. No extra cost, only a little bit of effort!

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