The Best Times to use Your Airline Credit Card

Using an airline credit card can give you financial freedom that you never thought was possible before. You can earn rewards towards all of your travel expenses and finally have the ability to see the world.

Airline credit cards have created a whole new type of credit card user. People are discovering how valuable the right airline credit card can be, and how they can help you actually increase your wealth.

Although getting rewards on airline credit cards has become much easier over the years, there are still some tricks you need to use if you want to get the most rewards from your airline credit card. One of those tricks is knowing when to use your airline credit card to get the maximum rewards. Here are some tips to help you know when the best times to use your airline credit card are and how you can get the most rewards with your airline credit card.

During the initial introductory period

When you first open your airline credit card, you will have an introductory period in which you need to spend a certain amount on the credit card to earn the full bonus. You will want to spend this amount to receive the bonus and collect a large amount of rewards right away. This will jump start your rewards on the airline credit card and get you on your way to earning free travel. Find out the rule of your introductory period so you can earn the most rewards right away, but be sure use your card wisely and pay the balance in full each month.

Before you plan to go on a big trip

After your introductory period is over, you can still keep earning the most rewards with your airline credit card. Use your airline credit card before you plan to go on a trip, at least 2 billing cycles before, to earn rewards that you can use for your trip. This will allow you to save a little money while planning your trip by using the rewards you have earned beforehand. Save up your rewards as long as you want so you can cash them in before your trip.

Every time you travel

Of course, you should be using your airline credit card as much as you can every time you travel. This will get you the most rewards and make every trip a little better. Many places will give you discounts and other perks for using your airline credit card, so you can enjoy your travel even more every time you use your airline credit card.

During holidays

You can use your airline credit card anytime to earn rewards, but you may be able to earn more during holidays. Occasionally, airlines and other businesses will have specials during holidays that allow you to earn more rewards, get discounts or enjoy other perks if you use your airline credit card during the holiday season. If your airline credit card company is offering rewards, they will usually contact you directly, but for other businesses, you may need to do some searching to find the best deals.

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