Taking Better Care of Your Roof and Saving Money

Your roof is a critical element to your home because it keeps the weather out and the comfortable temperature in year round. Let it go a while without routine maintenance, and you could be looking at unnecessary energy costs and repair bills. This is why you should take the time regularly to inspect your roof and take care of it. You will also save a few bucks on maintenance, repair and energy bills.

Regular Inspections

Don’t assume your roof is fine just because you don’t see any missing shingles or a huge leak in your upstairs bathroom. You want to stop these problems before they start with regular inspections, particularly in the spring and fall. You can even do this from the ground, provided you have a strong pair of binoculars. Take a look at all aspects of your roof, from the shingles and flashing, to chimney and gutter system. Look for loose trim, crumbled bricks, broken vents, curling or flapping shingles, algae and mold, and debris that may be clogging your downspouts. After that’s done, go up to the attic and look at the walls and ceilings: do you see any moisture accumulation or mold? These can all signal leaks in the roof.

Keep it Clean

Every few years or so, you’ll probably notice streaks of dark green or black on your roof. This can be anything from dirt and grime to mold and algae, and it should be removed. These discolorations can also be caused by smoke from your chimney, bird droppings and sap from overhanging trees. You can have the look of a brand new roof when you hire a professional pressure washer to remove all of the gunk that has accumulated.

Proper Ventilation

You may not think your roof’s health has anything to do with ventilation, but it does. Especially in summer, it’s important to ensure your attic can sufficiently vent out the heat. If that hot air is prevented from escaping, this will prohibit the temperature from staying cool throughout the house. Check all aspects of your home’s ventilation system, such as the air conditioner and heating ducts to ensure energy efficiency. Clear out anything that may be clogging the way, such as bunched-up insulation or even a bird’s nest, which is common in dryer vents.

What About Flat Roofs?

Some homes and commercial properties feature flat roofs. These can pose a unique challenge in maintenance, as there’s no sloping to drain water, snow, leaves, twigs and other debris. This added stress can lead to leaks on flat roofs, points out SFGate. Using a broom, you can get that debris off the center and to the side if possible, or even off the edge provided there’s nothing below.

Keep Vegetation at Bay

According to Ridgeline Construction Roofing and Exteriors, as fall comes and prepares the landscape for winter, this is the time to trim back any overhanging trees, overgrown bushes and any branches that may be threatening the roof. Clean out the gutters, as well, and sweep any debris off the roof that could pose a problem come winter. Do you get a lot of ice dams and icicles in the cold weather? One way to combat this is to add vents and insulation.

Regular roof maintenance is a chore you may balk at, but it’s one of the more important household tasks you’ll have to do. You will thank yourself later due to all the money you’ve saved!

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