Short On Savings Right Now? Here’s How You Can Build Up The Budget For Your Dream Home!

Saving budget for your dream house

If you’ve been dreaming of landing a new home for quite some time, then the chances are it is because you can’t afford it. Is your savings account look a little slim? Fear not. Here is how you can build up the budget for your dream home, starting today!

Earn A Promotion

If you want to get hold of this dream home of yours, then you going to really need to start putting in the hard graft at work. Make sure you’re the first one to arrive each morning and the last one to leave every evening. This sort of work ethic will not go unnoticed! Be sure to meet all of your deadlines and ask to help people out when you have finished whatever project you’ve currently been assigned to. Keep a good working relationship with your boss, too. If anybody is going to put you forward for promotion, then it’s going to be them. So, it’s vital to stay on the right side of them! If you think your extra workload isn’t being rewarded, then suggest to meet with one of your superiors. That way you can highlight the additional efforts that you have been putting into your job. You may be offered a bonus or, alternatively, a more authoritative position. Either way, this should line your pocket with loads more money to go and save towards your dream home.


Take On Extra Work

Outside of your day job, it is important to explore additional earning opportunities. Having multiple streams of revenue is going to be your fast track way to getting the home you’ve always desired. If your job means that your evenings are free, then why not consider getting a part-time role at a bar or restaurant? Bar work tends to be relatively straight-forward so it shouldn’t be too much to handle for a few extra nights a week. By working in food and drink, there is also the potential to receive tips. So, if you really work on your customer service skills, you could be lining your pockets with some extra cash at the end of each night. Extra work doesn’t necessarily have to be done away from home, either. There are lots of ways to earn extra cash from home, too. Freelance writing is one excellent idea that you could pursue if your literary skills are advanced. Simply search online for companies who need freelance writers to do a bit of work for them, and you’re away!

Cutback On Non-Essentials

This is a great way to save yourself a considerable amount of money each month. Draw up a budget and see what your ins and outs are. From there, you will be in a better position to see what items that you pay for each month are non-essentials. A lot of people, when trying to cut back, cancel their cable subscription in favor of on-demand services such as Netflix. This is a great idea, because cable contracts can normally cost a significant amount every month. Similarly, if you’re on an expensive phone contract, run it down and swap to a SIM-only deal. These are substantially cheaper and offer the same amount of calls, texts and data. Likewise, if you’ve got multiple cars on your front driveway, then ditch one, why do you need another? Maintaining and running a vehicle is extremely expensive, that’s before you’ve considered road tax. Furthermore, do you buy branded food at the supermarket during your weekly shop? If so, then why not consider getting the unbranded stuff instead? For many, it tastes just the same, and could save you a significant amount each week to put towards a down payment on your new home.

Shop Around

Inevitably there are going to be some things that you can’t put off purchasing when saving for a new home. That’s fine, so long as you shop around to get the best deal. Using price comparison sites is a great place to start. You could save hundreds on your energy bills just by switching provider. If you’re willing to deal with the hassle of switching, then the additional money you will have freed up is yours to go away and save! Similarly, price comparison sites can help you save on your broadband or car insurance. Car insurance, especially, is a costly outlay, so be sure to get the best quote possible when shopping around for your motor. It’s worth noting that you’ll also save money if you pay for the year upfront, rather than in installments. Hopefully, this style of savvy shopping suits you, and you get to build up a budget for your dream home.


Once you’ve managed to follow these super budget building tips, then it’s time to find that dream home. Once you’ve carried out an extensive property search and have found the house for you, then the negotiations need to begin. Your budget will be vastly increased if you are having to put down less of a deposit. Therefore, try and knock some money off of the price of the property. Even a 1% discount can make all the difference. Estate agents and vendors are used to haggling with clients over property prices, so go in firmly and don’t be shy when trying to land your dream home. The worst case scenario is that they won’t budge on the asking price; nobody is ever going to put the price up further!

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Find The Best Mortgage Quote Available

Finally, once a price has been agreed with the seller, then you’ll need to look for a great deal on your mortgage. Once again, it is important to shop around here. There are a number of purchasing options available to you when taking out a mortgage.

Hopefully, this guide has outlined what you need to do in order to land that dream home that you’ve always desired. These tips should help you build a big budget, and once you’ve managed that, you’ve only got a price and a mortgage to sort out! Good luck.

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