How to Make Money Flipping Websites

You can see how to make money online by flipping websites without creating too much hard work for yourself right here. Following on from my last post here at How to Make Money Online Hints, this is another excellent way to make money online legitimately. I won’t go too deeply into the workings of this, as many excellent posts have already been written about the subject elsewhere.

But what I will do is give you some useful information on what you’re going to need in order to know how to make money online in big chunks doing this, rather than just turning a mediocre profit. Ah, thought that might get your attention!

So, what’s involved in this latest how to make money online hint?

There are a few fairly straightforward steps you need to take to get a project like this up and running, but it doesn’t take all that much work if you’re willing to box clever.

Well the first thing you need is a good domain. That ultimately depends upon what niche you are going to build your website in and the availability of a good re-sellable domain name that is pre-aged. By pre-aged, I mean an old domain that you can buy from the GoDaddy expired domains auction. This is so that you’re new website will stand a better chance of getting indexed and ranked by Google and alsoof staying out of their sandbox. The reasons should be obvious, but if you don’t know, then to make the most money from selling on your website you need to show good organic traffic stats and hopefully some good sales trends.

That is, you’ll make more for your website the more money it makes and the more organic traffic it attracts. This is very important and will make the difference between a big healthy profit and merely a mediocre one!

How to Make Money Online

Once you have your killer domain name, you need to get your site up on it as quickly as possible and start populating it with relevant, original content. I’m not going to hark on about original content here – I do that in enough of my posts because it is so damned important. Here, suffice it to say you should not be selling a website that is made up of PLR articles that every other Tom, Dick and Harry already has! Potential buyers will check, that you can count on!

Then you need to also be getting backlinks to the site like there’s no tomorrow. Ok, not quite so crazy, but you need to press quite hard here, just not so hard that Google sandboxes the site for too much too soon! You have to find a balance but get as close to the line as you dare! You want to see fast results so that you can sell a site that is performing well for maximum dollars.

Then you’ll need a little time for things to come together.

By that, I mean you’ll need to wait until Google has gone through its next Page Rank update because if you’d done all your linking properly in the preceding time, your site should have gotten some PR. The more the better, obviously but you should be able to manage a PR3 without too much trouble.

While those of us in the know understand that page rank is not the be all and end all of a website’s ability to make money online, most potential buyers do not and place a lot of weight on page rank. We simply exploit the fact that “they know better” by getting Page Rank to inflate the value of the website we’re going to sell.

Page Rank is one factor that we can use to our advantage. Alexa rank is another.

Again, many of us know that Alexa rank is not worth the paper it is printed on (!) but to many a potential website buyer, they look upon a healthy Alexa rank as meaning the site is of greater value traffic wise than it actually is. Now, while you can’t fake your Alexa rank, you can do stuff to improve it vastly.


I’ll tell you.

The Alexa rank is determined by counting the number of visitors to a site that have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Most Internet Marketers have that toolbar installed because they like to see the Alexa rank of their own and their competition’s sites. Everyone else in the world who is not an Internet Marketer (and that’s most of ‘em) does not have the Alexa toolbar installed. Think about it. Why on earth should they? Most people have never heard of Alexa, or page rank for that matter and they don’t care. Most people surfing the net are looking for information about something or other. Very few are looking to learn how to make money online, so they don’t know about it or need it. But most people can make up the vast majority of traffic to a website, which will never be counted by Alexa, so you can see their results are usually way off.

So in order to inflate your Alexa rank, you need to attract other Internet marketers (who do have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers) to your site. One of the best ways to do that is to attract scrapers. Yes, you heard right. Scrapers often have the Alexa toolbar installed and they are always looking for content to steal that they think they can use to make money off. The kind of content they’re usually after is high competition stuff, like gadgets, iphones, xbox, playstation, playstation portable, nintendo, games, laptops, cell phones, ring tones… etc. You get the picture.

Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Make a post or two and keyword stuff the bollocks out of it with high tech gadget keywords, then link to it from some high tech forums and I guarantee the scrapers will appear out of nowhere and be all over your site like a cheap suit. Viola, your Alexa rank will climb fast!

This is a short term trick as once the scrapers depart they’re not likely to come back so you need to fudge your Alexa rank so it climbs sharply a couple of weeks before you sell. You also need to remove the keyword stuffed posts as soon as they’ve done their job.

Once your site is well populated with relevant content, it has some page rank and a decent Alexa rank, you can then go to one of the websites where you can sell your site such as SitePoint and put it up for sale. There are several good articles about exactly how to go about this written elsewhere, so I won’t go into that side of things deeply here as its just duplicating other articles.

How much money you make on your site depends on several factors, such as the quality of its domain name and relevance to its niche, the niche itself and how competitive it is, the quality of your website theme and layout, how good your traffic stats look and whether that traffic is predominantly organic (good) or social (not so good), page rank, Alexa rank, SERPs position for its main keywords in Google (if you’ve managed to push it high enough in the index), proper AdSense management and finally some luck.

That last one does make a difference because it’s the luck of the draw if you get a buyer looking for a site that sits exactly in the niche your’s occupies and he finds it before he finds someone else’s.

So now you know how to make money online flipping websites. Ok, it involves some work, but the short term ROI can be quite stunning and run into several hundreds or even thousands of dollars, so its important to get it all right and squeeze every last dollar out of your hard work!

Terry Didcott
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