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 Are you looking for some new real estate investment opportunities? Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to boost your investment portfolio. The real estate market has the ability to make some major gains, but you need to invest in the right type of real estate. Here are some of the common real estate investment options for beginners.

Rental Properties

A great way to invest in real estate is by investing in different rental properties. Some people choose to invest in rental units like townhomes while others invest in homes. Being a landlord is not for everyone, making it important to understand how much time and money it will require of you. Landlords can make a great living, but they need to be prepared for a phone call in the middle of the night or at any time if there is a problem with the property. If you choose to build your own property, it pays to hire contractors and others you know you can trust.

 Real Estate Investment Groups

Many people choose to invest in real estate investment groups. They work similar to a mutual fund as you are able to invest in a series of different properties where you can earn a decent return from them. Joining a group of this manner is a great way to invest in high-profile properties, or properties that you cannot afford alone. A company will hire someone to build a set of condos or other properties and sell the units to investors of the group. The company in charge of the investment group will advertise, manage, and care for the units. They will take a percentage of the monthly rent to pay for their services, and the investors are left with the rest of the money.

Real Estate Trading

People that want to invest in real estate and earn a great deal of money use real estate trading. It works similar to day traders who buy-and-hold their properties. Real estate traders will buy certain properties with the intention of holding them and then selling them after a short period of time, usually within four months or less. People that invest in trading properties normally do so when the property has been foreclosed or is a low value. They invest money into flipping the property to make it better, and selling it at a profit. A pure property flipper will not invest money into the house for improvements, as they can sell the home without needing to put money into it at all.


A REIT is a publicly-traded property in the real estate world. A corporation will use investor’s money to purchase large properties like malls and health care facilities. These properties are bought and sold on the major stock exchanges like other properties. The corporation will pay in the form of dividends. If you want a regular income, the REIT is a great investment. These properties are highly liquid, making it easy to cash out your investment when needed. There are several types of real estate investments; these are the best options to start with. Careful planning and making smart decisions can help anyone become successful with real estate investing.

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