How You Can Decorate Your Fence on a Budget

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House 42

Don’t overlook the fence around a home or property when trying to enhance curb appeal and bring a distinct look to the space. There are numerous products, decorative accents, and supplies that provide a clever way to adorn the fence and make it more cohesive with the aesthetic of the dwelling, or to meld with the natural surroundings.

Some fence décor ideas that won’t cost a bundle include the following:

The Look of Vintage Metal

When looking for a regal, sophisticated touch to the home’s exterior, beautiful wrought iron gates are an excellent option. These typically are comprised of ornate scrolled metal, which can last a lifetime with minimal care and maintenance needed. These may be easily found in black and metallic finishes, but some buyers may prefer the looks of weathered metal patina. Ask retailers about this option. This gives a cool, vintage look that keeps with many home façade styles.

Do-It-Yourself Ideas

If you are resigned to modifying an existing fence or if you don’t have the budget for replacement gates and fencing, consider some clever ideas to give your fence a fresh look. Recycled materials can make excellent embellishments for older wood or metal fences, and the only tools required may include a drill, hammer, and hardware. Re-purposed hardware, dishes, and scrap metal make eye-catching additions to a fence, as does recycled wooden window frames and shutters. Create faux windows by securing the frames to the fence and attaching the shutters in a position that replicates the look of an actual window.

Some other fence décor that is both easy and affordable includes using old wooden boxes or shelves. These can be secured to the face of a wooden fence to create cubicles to hold plants or pots, or to enhance storage with a shelf for garden tools and supplies. Use a drill and high-quality hardware to ensure these are secured and will withstand the weight of whatever is placed on them.

Clever Chain Link

Chain link makes an excellent barricade that holds up well to weather, animals, and time. It can be a bit boring, however, or may sharply contrast with the traditional look of the home’s exterior. To add something a bit different, many people have used the chain link as a framework for a living barrier. This can be achieved through potted vines and climbing plants. These will use the fence to grow and cover the area, creating a natural barricade that keeps out prying eyes of those passing by. Buy climber ties at a home improvement store to train the vines to grow along the chain link, while also using them to fill in different spots with the plant for aesthetic purposes.

The Convenience of Plastic

Plastic fencing is fine for adding to the curb appeal of a property, but will it really stand up to the weather and pressures of regular use? If it is grounded properly, plastic makes a fine containment for small animals, gardens, and properties. It is simple to accent PVC and plastic fencing, and some owners may want to add stenciling, paint, or mounted planters and accents. This versatile fence is a breeze to clean and augment, so it makes a great blank-slate for the homeowner that wants to get creative with the look of their fence.

Why settle for a plain and ordinary fence? With so many options to embellish the existing fence, as well as some alternatives to give the property distinct flair, it is easy to improve the curb appeal of any home or dwelling. Fences provide a range of purposes and utility, from safety and security to borders and barriers. Talk with retailers and contractors about the most cost-effective solutions to suit your budget, while also giving the property’s fence a fresh, new look.

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