How to Save Money at Gulliver’s World, Warrington

Phoebe-Rae has been in our lives now for almost a year, and she’s the cutest thing in the world.

But she doesn’t do much.

I want her to walk and talk so badly, and I know you’re probably reading this thinking, savour every moment, but I discovered ages ago with my various nieces and nephews that I much prefer them when they get a bit older. That’s just me, I guess.

So I volunteered myself and my husband to take our lively collection of nieces and nephews to Gulliver’s World in Warrington this summer, partly to play the role of the Summer Holiday Saviours, and partly to bank some babysitting credit with our siblings that we can call in in a few years when Phoebes is in her Terrible Twos!

But Gulliver’s World can be pricey, especially if you’re taking several kids with you, which is why it’s good to know the costs involved beforehand, and have a plan on how to avoid unnecessary expenditure on the day.

The Height Guidelines at the Theme Park


Any child 90cm and above has to pay full price. I guess the good thing about Gulliver’s World is that its target audience is families with children of a primary school age (2-12 to be exact), so despite having to pay for a child who may be free in other parks, this means they are the right height to try out lots of rides (but they may need to have an adult go on with them if they’re under a certain height).

Save Money on Ticket Prices at Gulliver’s World

Anyone planning a trip to the park should book their tickets online to take advantage of the savings you’ll make here. If you pay in arrival, you’ll be charged £17 per person (the price is the same for both adults’ and children’s tickets) but you can purchase your tickets for £15 each by booking online at least 2 days in advance. OK, so £2 doesn’t sound like much, but it certainly adds up when you’re buying multiple tickets, and these savings can be put towards some treats (ice cream!) throughout the day!

Pack Your Own Food and Drinks


I often opt to pack a picnic whenever we spend the day anywhere that boasts a captive audience when it comes to food and drinks. I believe that if there’s no competition there’s no reason for standards to be particularly high, and I refuse to pay a small fortune for terrible, or even mediocre, food. However, I admit, I’m also a bit of a cheap-ass and I hate paying out at lot for anything if I don’t have to.

Gulliver’s World does offer quite a variety of food options, but mainly, as would be expected from a theme park, takeaway style food options, including pizzas, tacos, burgers, fish and chips. Salad and healthy options are available, as are vegetarian meals as well. Price-wise, it’s about what is expected at a theme park; it’s roughly £5 upwards for a meal per person. Taking your own in a cool bag will definitely save you a few pounds!

Don’t be Caught Out At…

The front of the park at the end of the day!

The worst expenditure of the whole day was the ludicrous purchase my husband’s made at the balloon stall when we were heading out. Obviously, the stand was strategically situated by the exit to meanly attract kids’ attention – to the expense of their parents – but at £3.50 for one they’re definitely the biggest rip-off in the park, but one we wouldn’t have been trapped into had I not stupidly chosen to leave my husband unattended to nip to the toilet – he hasn’t yet mastered the art of saying no to kids or balloon sellers!

Also on the front are hotdog stands, candy stalls and a big shop full of goodies. We managed to manoeuver  the kids to avoid either entrance to the shop easily enough, and the good thing is there is a show with the Gulliver’s characters at the end of the day so the kids will most likely fixated on this rather than the stalls and sellers around them.

Would I Recommend Gulliver’s World?


Gulliver’s World is perfect for as a family treat during the summer holidays. My nephews and nieces had a wonderful time and so did Phoebe-Rae; despite being too little for the rides, she loved the colours and noises of the park and was fascinated by everything.

I’ll certainly be researching into the special event packages Gulliver’s World offer for Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas….

This post was written by Becky Stretton, author of the parenting blog, Green Duo. Visit her blog to read all about Becky, her husband Steve, their new baby daughter Phoebe-Rae and all their adventures in their green, eco-friendly household.

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