Discover London’s Hottest Places to Celebrate the New Year

New Year’s Eve is coming up soon and it’s time to plan for an exciting New Year’s celebration, ready to take on 2015! This year, we’re heading to London, one of the best places to celebrate the end and beginning of the new year with exciting parties, beautiful fireworks displays and joyous people.

New Year’s Eve in London is so widely popular among Europeans, that finding a hotel room becomes very difficult as the day approaches. We’ve booked our hotel months ahead, lest we end up having to stay outside in the cold without a room! If you’re heading to London for the celebrations, we recommend you do so as well.

Don’t just take our word for it – check out the amazing activities and events London is offering this New Year’s Eve and join us!

The obligatory event – fireworks display!

fireworks UK


Ten years ago was our last London’s New Years’ fireworks display, and we can say with confidence that it was the most stunning display we have seen in all our years: thousands of fireworks, beautiful colors, patterns and designs, wonderful booms and ooh’s and aah’s from the crowd. The firework display is phenomenally popular in the UK, with the population tuning in through their TV to watch and it’s no wonder why. Watching it in person is magical, and must be part of any London New Year’s trip along with a few smart precautions against unforeseen events.

Do take into account that this year the fireworks display is no longer free. The city’s mayor recently announced that they will only be selling 100,000 tickets at a cost of £10 each. Last year 500,000 people attended the event, so if you want an assured spot, buy a ticket soon before they run out.

Biggest party night of the year

party time


December 31 is the biggest party night in London, with hundreds of thousands of people of all ages celebrating life all across the city. Clubs, pubs and bars are full with people, great energy and joy, all while being decorated to bring in the New Year and with fun hats and glasses. As is tradition in Britain, alcohol abounds, and joyous music is heard across the city. Venues are so full, that the majority require ticketing with advance booking. Find your party preference and buy your tickets in advance. Most importantly, enjoy the party!

New Year’s Day Parade

marching band

The fun doesn’t stop with New Year’s Eve. The day after, London hosts an exciting amount of events and activities. The New Year’s Day Parade is one of our favorites, a fun celebration of the New Year taken to the streets. The parade is considered one of the greatest in the world with a dazzling line-up of talent and participants from all across the London musical and talent spectrum.


Other top London activities

Top London chefs love to welcome the New Year with interesting and inspired meals, appetizers and drinks. If you can book a reservation in one of these great restaurants, make sure to arrive hungry and ready for some luxury and pampering.

Other fun activities that you can do on Dec. 31 and Jan. 1 include going to London’s museums (they all open and many have discounts or special New Year’s promotions), comedy shows, and glamorous gala orchestras. Plus, once you’re in London, you’ll see advertisements and pamphlets all over the city for other activities and events.

Enjoy your London’s New Years’ experience – we sure will!

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