5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Paper Bags | Money Hints

Paper bags are often used to help carry your groceries from the supermarket to your home, but there are a lot more uses for them than you think.

Reusable paper bags can end up stocking up around your home, so why not try some of these ideas to get some better use out of them:

Ripening Your Fruit

A number of fruits, like plums and peaches, will ripen quicker if they are placed inside a paper bag, which is great if you fancy a peach today, but they aren’t going to be properly ripe until tomorrow. Win!


If you’re looking for a great way to improve your compost, try using paper bags torn up. Earthworms help to create great compost, and there are very few things they love more than paper bags. So, add this to your garden and watch it come to life.

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If you have children, or just like doing arts and crafts yourself (why not!), then using paper bags as part of your painting session is a great idea. If you scrunch them up, they can create great textures.


This is another one for the arty fan. By using scissors and a bit of string, you can create your homemade parachute. We advise not trying to use them yourself, but why not attach a little weight to the bottom and see whose parachute wins the best design, furthest flight or worst flight. It’s all fun and games!

Stopping Hiccups

It’s an old wives tale that breathing in and out of a paper bag will stop hiccups, but it does actually work. So, the next time you keep hiccupping, try breathing in and out of a paper bag and your hiccups will stop in no time at all.

So, the next time you decide to add more reusable paper bags to your existing pile, why not think about using them for something other than just carrying your groceries.

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