5 reasons to use an independent financial adviser

With so many financial choices and decisions to be made, seeking professional help from a financial adviser will be worth every penny! Read on to find out about some of the benefits.

Planning your finances can be a daunting experience. What with pensions, how much you think you may have to live on in retirement, investments, savings, inheritance tax, estate planning … the list goes on…it can be never-ending and somewhat overwhelming.

You may have been put off seeking financial advice in recent years by hearing of mis-selling scandals and the commission culture. The financial advice industry has gone through big regulatory changes during the past year or so to make the sector more professional, by introducing a fee-based model and minimum qualification requirements.

You could be missing out on tax saving tips or on extra money by not seeking professional advice.

So if you are in need of direction to see through the fog of what can often be complicated financial options, such as saving for a pension or making the right investment, it may be worth a rethink of your view of the financial advice sector.

Financial planning companies are armed with a whole host of reasons of why you should seek advice. Here is a short list of some of the benefits of using a financial planner:

  1. Financial providers – a financial planning firm will contact all the necessary providers for you as well as do all the chasing.
  1. Reviews – your investment portfolio gets reviewed on a regular basis and you won’t get stuck in a portfolio that’s not performing.
  1. Queries – you will have a single point of contact for all your financial affairs.
  1. Technical knowledge and expertise –a financial adviser is highly trained and qualified in their field to give you the best advice they can. They update their qualifications on a regular basis ensuring that they are well equipped to deal with new legislation and products on the market, ultimately looking after your best interests.
  1. Suitability reports – a financial adviser will normally produce something called a ‘suitability report’ which details what investment options they have selected for you and their benefits to you.

Author: Bartholomew Hawkins are chartered independent financial planners. They can provide you with expert financial advice, and show you all your options when it comes to putting your financial affairs in order.

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