How the Correct PPE Clothing and Equipment Can Save Businesses Money

Wearing PPE clothing and equipment correctly

Even though there’s a lot of painful truth in the old saying “a bad worker blames his tools”, it’s also true to say that even a good worker can only make the best of the tools he has. This means that companies that attempt to cut corners with equipment, usually end up cutting into their profits. This holds especially true when it comes to personal protective equipment.

A combination of effective policies and processes together with PPE makes for a safe workplace

Sadly there is no “one-size-fits-all”, magic formula that guarantees safety in the workplace. There are, however, three pillars of workplace safety, policies, processes, and PPE. It is the role of health and safety to make sure that they understand the hazards of any given workspace and create effective policies to minimize them and processes to ensure that those policies are actually implemented in the real world, rather than just existing on paper. As a part of this, they need to determine what items of PPE clothing like protective overalls or safety boots are required by which workers and see to it that the relevant items are provided.

PPE is usually much more affordable than dealing with an avoidable industrial accident.

Sometimes freak accidents just happen and nobody is to blame. More often than not, however, accidents happen for a reason and when they happen that reason can be brought under scrutiny. If it emerges that the accident was a result of employer negligence, then the costs can quickly pile up and they may not be covered by insurance since you may well find yourself in breach of the terms of your policy.

When you add up compensation costs, civil liability damage, property loss, and litigation expenses, you may well find that you can count yourself very lucky if you’re still able to stay in business and if you do you can expect your insurance premiums to go up. It’s also sad but true to say that the abundance of “no win no fee” lawyers can motivate some employees to pursue questionable claims, which is why it is advisable not only to ensure that you do the right thing at all times but also that you have a clear and demonstrable record of doing the right thing at all times.

Avoidable industrial accidents can have all kinds of unpleasant ramifications

Even if you can withstand the immediate financial impact of an avoidable industrial accident, its long-term implications could take serious chunks out of your bottom line for a long time to come. To begin with, in these days of social media, it will probably be almost impossible for you to avoid some level of negative publicity and it will be imperative to handle this with care, training, and improved customer service if you are to avoid losing customers.

You may also find yourself dealing with regulators, who usually have the power to levy financial sanctions, which can increase your insurance premiums even further. If you somehow manage to escape these, then you still have to keep your business running to schedule and without losing staff either directly to other employers or indirectly due to low morale leading to low productivity.

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