6 Effective Ways To Train New Employees

Training New Employees

Learning a new job is intimidating enough but having to deal with a whole new group of people and way of life can become a very stressful time for new employees. Getting training right is important to not help a new person settle in and ensure their job is completed correctly. Here are 6 effective ways to carry out training.

1. Create a Training Schedule

For the first few days of training, it makes sense to follow a training schedule. A carefully planned schedule ensures key aspects of the job don’t get missed. The training schedule should include time for induction, meet and greet, business tour, and the first steps in training. It’s also a good idea to include breaks on the schedule to ensure your new employee doesn’t miss lunch!

2. Use Tangible Training Materials

In addition to discussing aspects of the job with a new staff member, be sure to give them training material. This allows for revision at the end of the day, as well as giving the staff member something tangible to look back on once they are set free in their new role. If you’re short on time you can outsource production of training materials to professional printers.

3. Encourage New Employees to Share their Experience

Just because someone is new to a job doesn’t mean their previous experience is irrelevant. In most cases, new employees bring fresh eyes to projects and knowledge that may not be present in your current team. Encouraging them to share their experience or have input into team meetings right from the first few days will help new staff immediately feel like they’re part of the team.

4. Make Training a Team Effort

Having new employees spend time with team members is an important step to building strong relationships. Having new employees sit with their team members also helps your staff build confidence in their own abilities.

5. Give Them a Working Tour

An effective way to teach new employees about your business is to take them for a tour. This way they can meet key staff members along the way and see how the business functions. Try taking a new staff member through the business process from start to finish. For example, show them how an online order is processed, picked, and dispatched so they understand what each role involves. Don’t forget to point out the restrooms!

7. Be Available for Them

A new employee can feel overwhelmed during their first week on the job. It’s important to take time to check in with them and find out how they are feeling. Try to have plenty of work for them to do – being bored in the first few days is likely to make them question why they are there.

An effective training program helps to create a more harmonious workplace, which, in turn, can minimize staff turnover. What are some training methods you have found useful at work?

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