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Brimming with exciting attractions and some of the most diverse people on the planet, Hong Kong – the contemporary metropolis located in south eastern coast of China – overlooks the South China Sea and Pearl River Delta. This energetic city is known for its mouth-watering delicacies, incredible efficiency, implausible commercial potential and unforgettable shopping opportunities.

Hong Kong continues to serve as the global financial centre of Southeast Asia, and the city boasts towering skyscrapers, quaint historic sites, cultural bodies, phenomenal restaurants, luxury accommodations and high-end shopping streets. There’s also a dazzling and shimmering nightlife throughout the citytoo, and all these factors attract tourists from all over the world.

Considering the rich and luxurious lifestyles of many inhabitants of Hong Kong, the standard of entertainment has been set very high. This means that there’s plenty on offer when it comes to tourism!

The Upper House

This magnificent hotel reflects the creativity and iconic engineering of Andre Fu, one of the world’s most influential architects and designers. The beautiful interiors of the building exhibit distinctive features, like antique decorations, inventive artwork and use of eco-friendly materials for construction. The suites are offer guests a selection of modern Oriental designs as well as traditional Mandarin themes that create a clam and peaceful setting for relaxation, whether you’re travelling on your own or with your family.

In-house motion sensors, power-saving electronic gadgets, hybrid airport transfer cars, organic meals, comfy lounges, manicured lawns, mini bars and the Cafe Gray Deluxe (the signature restaurant of the hotel) are all standout highlights of The Upper House – you really won’t have to lift a finger here!


Situated in the crowded region of TsimShaTsui, Hotel Langham is one of the city’s finest hotels. Reflecting a stellar character, the opulent dome-shaped designs of the roof, flawless carvings on the wall and intricate chandeliers instantly attract attention.Rooms are based on simple, classy and traditional designs, and the location of the hotel provides instant access to major shopping districts, traditional places to eat and other tourist attractions located around the city.

Mandarin Oriental

This hotel has once again opened its doors to overseas visitors, and after undergoing a renovation for 8 long months, the Mandarin Oriental is bigger, bolder, better than ever before! The spacious rooms, lavish interiors, antique ice buckets, impeccable room service and luxurious facilities lure guests from all over the world, and located in central Hong Kong, guests are very well connected to subway stations, taxi ranks and shopping districts.

The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is located inside the tallest skyscraper in the city – The International Commerce Centre. From stylish fixtures to dark hardwood furniture, ‘Made-in-China’ furnishings, pearly textures and fashionable waiters, the hotel boasts luxury in every nook and corner. Each room carries a special telescope for star watching, and there are plenty of amenities to entertain visitors like spa facilities and a swimming pool.

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