Frugal Tips for the Everyday Shopper

Tips for everyday shopper

Do you struggle to get a bargain? Want to make your money go further? Or do you just want to enjoy the finer things in life without having to spend huge amounts of cash?

There are so many ways to save money. If you read any tabloid newspapers you’ll more than likely have seen an article or two about people who spend their lives getting money off their shopping from couponing or winning stuff from competitions.

If you haven’t got all day to spend trawling the internet for coupons or competitions, all hope is not lost. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t miss out on the offers and discounts that are of most value to you:

Sign up for newsletters

Everyone has their favorite places to shop or products and services they’re interested in. But why pay full price? If you’re not ready to buy right now, why not sign up for their newsletters and get offers and discounts sent directly to your inbox?

As a business owner myself, I often include special offers to members and non-members to ensure they get the best deals.  By signing up for newsletters you can keep up to date with the latest products and services from your favorite brands and by declining third-party contact you ensure you only get relevant offers. It’s quick and it’s easy.

Join members-only sites

Groupon is great for providing tailored offers, both local to you and products you’ve stated an interest in. Other sites, such as Secret Sales and Secret Escapes have regular offers on designer items and high-end holidays at budget prices and are well worth a look. You can also ask to be notified of upcoming sales you’re interested in. This means you get to live the high life, without having to pay full price.

Follow businesses on social media

If you’re on social media, follow the brands you like. It’s as simple as that. They’ll often highlight offers or provide discount codes to encourage you to buy. However, don’t spend too much time creating accounts on every social media, use those you are most familiar with and spend most of your time on. Remember, this is about saving you time as well as money.

Search before you purchase

If you’re ready to buy and haven’t got time to wait for a discount code to fall into your inbox, do a quick Google search for voucher codes. You should do this before making any purchases online. More often than not there will be a discount code for free delivery or a percentage off your next purchase. Simply search for something like “Tesco voucher code” or “ASOS discount code”. Sites such as and often pop up in the top search results and they have regularly updated voucher codes. Be sure to enter the best voucher code first as some sites only allow you to enter one, but if you have a couple, try entering them too.

Compare everything

Comparison sites are everywhere. If you have time use them, but also compare prices you get from the various comparison sites as they will vary. These sites are ideal for getting a great deal on your energy bills and insurance.

By doing these five things when shopping online you’ll make your money go further. They’re simple, yet effective activities you can do every day or when you’re about to make a purchase.

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