Budgeting for a Holiday

It’s great to get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy city or have a change of scene. But sometimes the costs of even a holiday within India can seem too high. When you start looking at your regular spending, however, you’ll often find many areas where you can save money on a day-to-day level. Eventually these will adds up and without too much trouble you can build up enough cash to enjoy a few days away. Here are a few top tips on saving for that much-needed local getaway.

Firstly, start bargaining more when you do your weekly shop. If you only use supermarkets with fixed prices, start going to outdoor fruit and veg stalls, where a bit of savvy conversation with the owner can mean a significant discount.

Timing is Everything When Budgeting Groceries

If you’re careful about the timing, you can also get large quantities of food at very low prices. When traders are about to call it a day they are often keen to get rid of their produce. Being there at the right time could mean getting all the vegetables and fruit you can carry for extremely low costs. Do a bit of cooking and freeze it for lunches over the next few weeks. This will mean that you can save a lot of money on your food bills, which you can dedicate to splurging on luxury meals while away.

Another great way to minimise your everyday living costs – and so save money for your holidays – is to think about your transport expenses. Although these may be small on a daily basis, over time they can definitely add up and if you are spending a little less each day over, say, six months, the amount saved can go towards paying off more exciting transport bills like flight tickets or overnight train journeys.

Leverage a Household Budgeting System

The best way to keep track of these savings is to use a home budget system. This makes being frugal all the more enjoyable as you can track progress and let your holiday excitement grow. There’s a lot of great online advice on how to have a home budget to help get you started.

Finally, saving for a trip away is a lot easier if you are able to minimise the cash needed while there. Staying within India is a great way to do this, allowing you to avoid expensive international fares and visa fees.

Youth hostel accommodation can also be a great way to save funds. Look for places with cheap nightly prices and meals included. This will mean not having to save for as long a time, so you can get holidaying sooner. Good luck with your budgeting, it’ll certainly be worth it!

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