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As a nice follow up to my last post here at Make Money Hints, which, believe it or not was all about how to make money fast by getting your site up to the top of the serps using a combination of on-site and off-site SEO techniques, I’m going to continue the theme of using everything you have in your armoury that is legit to keep up the pressure.

One of the most consistently successful make money fast ways of keeping your site on that first page of teh SERPs once you got it there is to keep the content fresh and new. You want to make money fast from organic traffic, as I’ve said countless tinmes in this blog and to do that you need to be on page one of the SERPs.

Google is constantly on the look-out for sites that have fresh, new and relevant content to the topic they are about. And whether that content is really radically new and exciting never heard before kick ass information, or whether its the same old same old rehashed and repackaged like just about every Internet Marketer out there including me is doing, they will always lift the sites that provide it over the ones that don’t.

Simple fact of life. Keep yoru make money fast content fresh any way you can and your site or blog will stay high. Ignore your site and don’t add any fresh content in there for a while and watch your baby slide down the chute into the nether regions of obscurity with all the rest of the lazy, couldn’t be bothered to write some stuff once in a while on their sites!

Oh, and one other make money fast thing about that content. You want it to contain enough of your main and secondary keywords (as in this case fast make money) as you can without overdoing it and keyword stuffing your content. That’ll just get your site flagged as spam which you definitely do not want if you desire any chance to make money fast with it.

But as for your easy make money ways content itself. You want it to be readable, of course or you’ll just end up with all the Eastern European badly written English unintelligible crap sites on page two hundred plus. You know the ones I mean? yep, they’re the ones you come across when you’re searching for your new site in the SERPs and keep going down page by page until you find it eventuall…

Ok, that’s a bit unfair, but hell, it happens!

When your site is new it won’t suddenly jump out and appear on page one! No matter how many make money fast back-links you have in the beginning. The search engines take time to spider all those links and even then if the big G thinks you got them too fast… Wham! your site is gone to the sandbox!

So back to fast make money ways content. Yeah, I know I keep slipping in those easy make money fast keywords all over the place, but I’m doing it because that’s what keeps this site on page one and not writing the best grammaticlally correct English. Why? Because easy make money fast is a phrase that doesn’t easily lend itself to fitting nicely into any grammar I know, so it just has to stick out like a sore make money fast thumb wherever I can insert it because I want the search engines to know that they are my main keywoprds for this site.

W hich is how you will also get your site onto the front page my friend. Not by courting hundreds of loyal readers from stumbleupon and digg, or collecting hundreds of loyal feed readers. They will get you jack shit, unless of course your only motive is to be read and not to make money (fast)!

To make money fast in this cut-throat game, you firsdt need to have your site or blog in another niche than the not-so-easy make money niche. Why? As I and several other marketers have repeated over and over gain, you will not make money in the anything but easy make money niche. Its crap. The only people that read make money fast blogs are other marketers trying to find the holy grail of how to easy make money fast for themselves.

Ok, you might attract a few noobs and maybe they’ll buy an affiliate eBook through your link, but most noobs only read the sites that are at the top of the SERPs and those sites are SEO’d up to the hilt by expert marketers all vying for that front page spot so they can make money fast from them. If you’re just starting out forget it. You have absolutely no chance of breaking in there for a loooong time!

Instead, direct your energy and enthusiasm into a less competitive niche where you stand a better chance of getting onto the front page and attracting genuine organic search traffic that will click on your ads and affiliate links (mainly because they don’t know what they are) and that way you will make money. Fast?

Maybe not, but it will grow steadily over time, which is the only way to do it after all.

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints

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