Save a Flight Ticket to Vegas and Feel the Magic of the City

If you want to stay at the Skylofts which are part of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino at Las Vegas for a single night while travelling from Heathrow London, you must be ready to splash out a minimum of £2,250 just for your flight tickets in Economy class plus your hotel cost for the night. The total travel time from London to Vegas, and Vegas back to London is an average of 40 hours crammed in a total of 6 Economy class planes for the whole journey. Yes, if you want to travel to Las Vegas you will have to make a total of 4 stops with an average layover time of approximately 14hrs waiting at the various airports. The travel time and layover time makes you a staggering total of 54 hrs which is over 2 days of travelling, just to be able to spend about 17 hours in Sin City.

This extraordinary journey of 5,217 miles from London to Las Vegas with stops in Dublin and Chicago is definitely going to make you feel the jetlag and once you reach your dream destination, we strongly believe that all you would like to do is head to your hotel room and get under the cosy duvet for a long rest. As you can see, going to Vegas does take a long time and can cost you a fortune, and then you finally end up spending your supposedly magical time in Vegas recovering from the jet lag. This is definitely not the great time you had in mind while going to the gambling capital of the world. If you reckon that the journey is worth it, then there are a number of reason why you should visit Sin City.

Las Vegas which is located in the valleys of Nevada is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States with a population of about 600,000. Las Vegas annually host an average of about 40 million visitors. The tourism industry in Las Vegas generates £45 billion in economic impact for the local economy and supports more than 380,000 local jobs. The Las Vegas Strips revenue was 6.5 billion for the year 2013, while downtown Clark County’s revenue was 9.7 Billion, with the average visitors to Vegas gambling budget per trip of over $500. There are various activities that you can indulge yourself into in Vegas such as going to the Grand Canyon, shopping, going on night out with the most care free crowd and the hottest DJs, experiencing rock climbing, bowling, hiking, race cars, or you could place your bet at one of the many wonderful casinos along the Strip.

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However, if you want to save your hard earned money and still enjoy the authentic magic of Vegas, you can head to casino which is a newly launched online casino. Magical Vegas is all about creating that Vegas feeling for you any time and any place. The magic of Vegas emanates from this online casino where you will find the skyline of Sin City as well as the bright lights of the megaresorts and casinos across the Strip. You can expect to find all the Vegas-ised games at Magical Vegas such as slot games, roulette, poker, blackjack and scratchcards. Just as Las Vegas honours the iconic entertainer and King of rock n roll Elvis Presley, similarly at Magical Vegas you will find the fun, generous and lively Melvis, who is the charming concierge of the site with his extravagant aloha costume and whom you all love. Bring home the magic with Magical Vegas without feeling the jetlag of heading to Vegas.

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