Do Older Money Saving Tips And Advice Still Work Today?

Do Older Money Saving Tips And Advice Still Work Today

One great way of saving money is by looking to the past and how your parents or even grandparents did it.  Which of the saving tips that previous generations used in the past are still valid?

Try To Avoid Debt

In recent years the level of debt suffered by the average family in the UK experiences has increased terribly.  The average debt in the UK, including mortgages, is more than £50000.  However, this wasn’t always the case.  If you look back 20 or 30 years in the past the people back then hated the idea of being in debt and owing money.  It would be great though, if we could adjust to thinking.

If you really want to change things to emulate the past then the first thing you need to do is get rid of your credit card.  The reason being is that credit cards are just too tempting for people.  Even more important though is changing the way you think and trying to avoid debt as much as you possibly can.  Start thinking like people in the past did and if you can’t afford something right away, you need to save for it first before buying.

Is Coal A Good Alternative To Toothpaste?

In the past many people used coal instead of toothpaste to brush their teeth.  It may sound odd but people of a certain generation swear that it really did work.  This tip is probably very out of date and of no use if you are trying to save money as coal is more expensive than toothpaste.

Squeeze Old Bits Of Soap Together

A great money saving tip used in the past that is still valid today is rather than throwing away little bits of soap, keeping them and squeezing them onto a new bar.  Although it won’t save you much money, it will still save you a little bit and every bit counts.

Don’t Spend As Much Money On Entertainment

When you speak to the older members of your family you will find that in the past they spent a large percentage of their time making their own forms of entertainment at home and outside.  Obviously, I am not saving that you should buy an old piano and learn how to play and sing war time songs, but you should consider spending less money on entertainment.  New hobbies, parlour style games and board games are just some of the ways you can have fun without spending too much money.

Do More Cooking At Home

Eating out was always something of a luxury for many people of older generations.  If you find that you are often grabbing some takeaway on the way home instead of cooking, now might be a good time to change this.  Instead, you should consider cooking at home which will cut down your monthly outgoings dramatically.  It is also more fun to cook at home and will push you to eat healthier and more nutritious food.  Additionally, if you have the time you should consider growing your own vegetables as this is a great hobby to start and will cut down on your food shopping bill.

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