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I’d like to follow on from the last post here at Make Money Hints, (if we exclude the Money Hints Christmas message), where I showed you how to get your new site indexed within a few minutes, thereby circumventing the popular method of submitting your site to the search engines. In this post, I’ll show you how I can fake my Alexa rank to further prepare you new site for make money hints by getting Alexa to rank your page fast and then to do what a lot of people don’t believe you can do.

Can I Fake My Alexa Rank?

People are naturally curious and they might ask:

“Can I fake my Alexa rank?”

Well, in actual terms, the answer is no, I cannot fake my Alexa rank any more than anyone else can, but you can do some things to artificially boost it. One of the things you can do is exactly what I’m doing right now – writing a post here at my Make Money Hints blog that claims to be able to fake my Alexa rank!

What this will do is attract the attention of curious Internet Marketers who are in the business to learn how to make money online. They’ll therefor be on the lookout for any good make money hints they can get their teeth into and one of those is naturally how can I fake my Alexa rank.

First, if you don’t already know, you need to understand how Alexa works.

Alexa ranks websites by counting the number of times a site is visited by people online who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser. Its as simple as that.

So the best way to fake my Alexa rank is to get a whole lot of people who have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browser to come and visit my site here at Make Money Hints. How do I do that? Simple.

Of all the people who surf the Internet, the vast majority are just normal people who are not into it to make money online, so they will therefore not bother to have the Alexa toolbar installed on their browsers – and why should they? What do most people care what Alexa rank a site has? Come to that what do they care what Page Rank a site has either?

They don’t care what your Alexa rank or Google Page Rank is because they’re just not interested. They wanna search for information, or to buy stuff or to find out where their local dry cleaning shop is.

Internet Marketers and advertisers, on the other hand, are extremely interested in what your Alexa rank and your Page Rank is because they like to know what their competition is doing and where the best sites are for them to advertise their stuff on so they can easy make money. So they are most likely to have the Alexa toolbar installed.

So by attracting Internet Marketers and advertisers who have the Alexa toolbar, you will increase your own Alexa rank. So when I make a post like this here at Make Money Hints, which will be of great interest to Internet Marketers and advertisers, they will come to see if I really do know how I can fake my Alexa rank, because if I can fake my Alexa rank for Make Money Hints and tell them how to do it, they will have an edge over their less well informed competition.

In actual fact, the very act of attracting as many Alexa toolbar owners to visit me here at Make Money Hints as I can will artificially enhance my Alexa rank in the short term, which to all intents and purposes is tantamount to being able to fake my Alexa rank!

Neat huh?

If you are reading this easy Make Money Hints blog and have the Alexa toolbar installed, then I thank you for contributing. If you don’t have that toolbar installed and you are a serious Internet Marketer, then shame on you because you have a big piece of the IM jigsaw missing from your toolkit.

Here’s the link to get the Alexa toolbar: Get Sparky!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints



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