3 Killer Marketing Tricks

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Online marketing has become the most active and efficient method of promotion. This has created a way for companies to stand out from the competition. However big or small a company is, it can now better promote itself by attracting more clients and targeting a broader consumer base. Knowing how to successfully navigate the perilous waters of online marketing is a tricky business. But these three killer tricks will help.

1 -Blogging

In today’s market place content can make or break a company. And a great, efficient, and cost-effective way in achieving great content marketing goals is to blog. By creating a blog on a company website, and publishing two to three stories a week, the company increase its website activity. This activity instills interest in the consumer. And not only that, but the content is able to be used in promoting the company on social media networks.

The main reason why this is so appealing to clients is because it is a informative, non-aggressive, and personalized way of promotion. Blog content is an additional, free client service which informs and educates on a variety of issues, while remaining relevant to company products. The most successful blogs only subtly incorporate product placement. They are an ideal way of promotion that targets all customers, who in most cases are not in support of aggressive advertising. A good blog must also incorporate personalization, because clients relate to personal experience. Apart from that, clients are also drawn by diversity and visual appeal. This is achieved through quality and unique word, image and video output.

Among its many positive effects, blogs also increase traffic and are in direct link with SEO. In addition to this, a blog can also affect promotion through guest-blogging. By having a story published on another blog, a guest-blogger can link his company, and promote it among the readers of the host blog. Above all else, blogs are cost-effective with minimal effort during the week, versatile possibility and great results.

2 – Applying It To Mobile

Making online content mobile-friendly has become the most recent necessity for any successful marketing strategy. A case study in 2014 has shown that over 60% of the time people spend online is through their use of mobile devices. This indicates that mobile optimization affects visibility with any demographic or focus group. Furthermore, Google has also made this their top concern by introducing a mobile-first rule. Meaning search results will now not only be listed by content, but by their accessibility on a mobile user-interface. As a result, both content and web site design will need to be changed and adapted have to fit this digital form. But, in doing so, a company will be able to make their products and content available on a new platform. And since mobile devices are predominantly used for social networking, this will make it a more effective and efficient linking method. And then there are apps, which provide another great marketing tool. Making an app serve as a creative way of getting products or content to the attention of the consumer. By creating a successful app, a company will provide an interesting service to their clients, which is related to their products. In turn, this adds great promotional value to the company and the content it markets.

3 – Personalizing Content Social Media

Of course social media takes a lot of online marketing space. Nevertheless, it is only as successful as the quality of its content. Efficient social network pages utilize personalization of content in order to attract clients who will relate to it. This entertaining side of social media marketing adds to the companies human perspective. It lets customers know that its consumers and employees are real individuals and is applicable on all social media platforms. In client dealings this can mean having unique and personalized responses to customer inquires. Also, by letting customers add consumer feedback as a social media activity, it sparks interest in other potential clients. This can also be seen through sharing images and videos of employees with personalized captions. For example, photos on Instagram of employees in the office, YouTube employee interviews, Twitter posts of employee achievements and company milestones. They all put a human face to the company. Using personalization creates positive emotions which instill a sense of trust in the client, and a company he can relate to.

The opportunities are endless and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

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