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Is It Worth Making An Insurance Claim?

A smashed vase: is it worth the claim? credit Insurance exists to provide us with a safety net. When things go wrong, and money is involved, insurance companies are there to bail you out. If you’ve had a car crash and your vehicle is in pieces, your

Understanding Your Car Insurance Agreement

According to Houston Overhead Door, a provider of affordable commercial doors, when you own a car, all states require you to carry a minimum amount of auto insurance. If you finance a loan for a car, the lender may also require additional coverage to protect itself in

Why Insurance is Important

We’ve been conditioned to believe that proper health care is a luxury, not a necessity. We’ve been taught to hold off on seeing doctors, that we can forego preventive care, and to wait until we have something seriously wrong with us to seek treatment. Until last year,

The £Billion PPI Scandal

When the PPI scandal broke into the news in April 2011, no one could have anticipated just how big the giant would grow. And just when it seemed like it had probably reached its peak, another layer has been added on top. In August of this year,

The Pros And Cons Of Taking Out Life Insurance

Picture source If you’ve got a loving wife and some children, you’ve probably spent some time considering whether or not you should take out a life insurance policy. This is something many people think about at one time or another, but it tends to get overlooked online,