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If you work at home, then this might help you to figure out how to make money online from home. That’s what every red blooded Internet Marketer wants to do with their home computer and break the shackles of their nine to five, yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir lives. Make Money Hints was created just for that purpose in my case. In my last post, which rambled on a bit about the importance of making your mark in the search engine results pages (SERPs) I hopefully got the message across as to one of the ways in which that can be done.

But it’s no good showing people first hand how to go about achieving something, when they are too blinkered to see what the message is even when they read it. That’s why there will always be a statistical nightmare where barely 5% of all Internet Marketers succeed to make money to some extent and fully 95% of the rest will fail.

That’s no idle figure plucked out of mid-air, that’s a fact. Go ask someone like John Chow or Mike Filsaime if you don’t believe me. Then again, if you don’t believe anything that I tell you, why are even reading this?

Now that the ones who are determined to join the 95%’ers have left with the huff, I’ll carry on for those of you who actually want to join the 5% of winners.

There is a very successful marketer out there who calls himself the Rich Jerk and love him or hate him, he actually does very well for himself online. He does what we all aspire to do: he knows how to make money from home in spades. He does it with a very in your face ‘I’m rich!‘ attitude. His videos tell us that we are all losers and he is a winner. Why does he do that?

Because he knows that he is 95% right!

He is a winner and he is telling you straight that 95% of you are losers. For him, that makes enough people angry enough to find out what he does to make money, which means buying his stuff which he will make money from! Ha! But don’t buy his stuff, or for that matter the crap sold by any other Internet Marketer if you want to make money from home, because all the information you need is freely available if you have the patience and the tenacity to find it and make use of it.

So why do so many people fail when they try to make money working at home?

I’ll tell you. They listen to the hype that the so-called Internet Marketing gurus pump out and believe that all they have to do is press a button and sit back while the money falls out of the sky. When they find a site like this one that tells them how to really do it, they leave half assed comments like one I got on my last post from a Mr Crappy Crap, which I published because I believe that everyone has a right to their opinion, even if they are determined to be a 95%’er. Why? Because they can’t (or won’t) see past the hype to the truth.

The truth, my friends is that the Internet is a very tough place to make money and if you’re going to have half a chance, you need to know a thing or two.

One of those things is that you need to attract organic search engine traffic to your site or you will not sell anything. Period. Don’t think you can write a reader-friendly blog and work at it every day trying to teach people how to make money online and expect your readers to click on all your banner ads.

They won’t.

I know first hand how that doesn’t work. One of my other blogs has been up and running for a year now, attracts a regular 500 unique visitors a day and makes me about $10 a month. Crap!

That site contains an absolute ton of unique content that I’ve built up over that year and it gives away just about every method of how to work at home, make money and keep on making money known to 95% of Internet Marketers.


Yep, all that information that blog contains is the same information you’ll find at 95% of all other blogs owned by wannabe Internet Marketers who also are lucky if they make $10 a month. That doesn’t count the 5% of A-listers who easy make money from their huge lists, then tell you to prostitute your blog by selling text links or writing paid reviews for Pay Per Post. That blog of mine is a lesson on how NOT to make money online – ie work at it every day, build up a great readership of like minded Internet Marketers etc, etc, etc.

The way it really works is this.

To work at home and make money and figure out all the ways there are at your disposal, you need to come at the whole process from a different angle. Sure, have your reader friendly blogs that you cultivate a nice following and make a lot of logging friends along the way. That’s important. Mine is The Honest Way Blog, if you’re wondering. It does have its uses as a flagship site, because it carries a lot of SERPs authority, which makes very useful for sending a link or two to newer sites that need a leg up. But that’s another story for another post. But then diversify a little (or a lot) and set up some blogs purely to make money, because I can almost guarantee you that my Honest Way blog will never do much of that for me. Its got nothing to do with the way I market it – that side of things is fine. It’s just that it is too reader friendly!

Why should that cause a blog to not make money?

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, when you set up a blog with ads that you want people to click on, if you write great content that people enjoy reading and they get what they want from your articles, they will leave you blog happy and will probably come back often to read more.

What they won’t do is click on your ads.

If you want people to click on your ads, (this is how to make money online) you need to give them a reason to do it. One of the best ways is to write your article but don’t answer any of their questions in it. That sounds bad and could upset people, but you have to ask yourself, do you want to have lots of happy readers who won’t click your ads, or do you want to work at home and make money online?

Then you have to come to understand that there are no friends in business. You have to be ruthless or you will not achieve all that you could achieve and you will not be able to work at home, make money like it was growing on trees. You will join the 95% of failures.

This blog is here to make money online and I’m happy to share with anyone who’s interested how I do it.

Its all about attracting highly targeted, organic traffic. Period.

And that traffic you want to be attracting should be coming from Google. That’s because Google is the biggest and widest used of all the search engines. That equates to the most traffic, which equates to the most visitors who will be looking for something. people type in search terms to google because they want something – simple? Yes, its that simple.

Someone types in “make money from home” because they want to know how to work at home, make money and they want to read all about it in a website that Google will find for them. True to it’s job, Google presents that person with a small library of pages full of websites that are relevant to their search term.

They will go to the first site in the list and read it. If they find what they want, they will close the site and go away happy. If they don’t find what they want, they’ll as likely click an ad that promises to tell them how to make money from home and leave the site that way. That’s how that site makes its money folks! It just did what I’m trying to get across to you. When 10,000 people visit that site in a month and just a few percent of them click the ads, you don’t need to be a top mathematician to figure out that site owner is earning a pretty penny from his adsense ads.

So the trick is to get onto the first page of the Google library and get some of that action!

The only way to get up on page one is by showing Google that your site is an authority on that search term, or keyword. That’s why keyword research is so important. Even more so in the niches other than make money, as that’s where you’ll really fast make money and not, ironically in the make money online niche!

To be an authority in Google’s eyes, you have to have a lot of content on your site that is specific to those keywords – so that Google can see that you are giving it’s clients the information they are seeking. Ok, you have to box clever there and only give away as much as you need to without actually giving it all away. One great way is to write very long posts that give all the information but towards the end of the posts where modern impatient people will not bother reading all the way down to!

Oh yeah!

It’s not spamming by the way. Anyone who thinks that has obviously not been on the receiving end of real spam! I have and its not funny or nice.

Writing long posts is simply making the best use of your literary skills to ensure that you’ll only keep a few really keen readers all the way to the end, where they’ll get the great work at home and make money secrets and the rest of the impatient ones will give up halfway and click one of your ads to go someplace else! And make money for you!

Ok, so having a lot of relevant content with lots of keywords liberally sprinkled throughout each article is not the be all and end all of getting Google to recognise your site as an authority, at least not enough to get it to the fast make money page one. You need to do more.

The fast make money ways to climb the Google ladder involves acquiring keyword anchored back-links to your site and lots of them and preferably from high ranking sites from your niche. Relevancy is everything with back-links. If they come from a site that is not relevant to yours, then the link juice is not worth anywhere as much as it would be from a high ranking site within your niche.

For this blog, I need lots of make money sites to link to me with the anchor text make money, or better still some of the long tail keywords I’m targeting, like easy make money, make money fast, make money from home and make money ways. These long tail keywords all attract a decent number of monthy searches so it pays to rank for them in the initial stages of the blog’s life. Later, I’ll naturally climb up the ratings for make money, but that’ll take some time and if you’re doing it too, you’ll need to be patient on that one. The same goes for whatever niche you are in, although it’s worth remembering that it is usually easier to climb up the ladder in certain niches than tough ones like make money.

In fact when you have more than one site in the same niche, you can of course give your other sites some help by giving them some anchored text links, like I’m about to do for my make money site, which is going to rank for the keyword: fast make money.

So what the whole work at home to make money ways boils down to is simply get to page one in Google and attract targeted, organic traffic. Then don’t give them what they want so they’ll click on your ads to go someplace else and this is how you make money online.

Work on your own keywords, too!

Terry Didcott
Make Money Hints



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