Winter Blues

Winter Blues

During the winter, I tend to make up any excuse not to leave the apartment. There are many good reasons for this but I would have to say my 3 big ones are:

1. It’s COLD

2. I like my cozy apartment and

3. I hate putting on clothes. I am sure many of you reading this can identify with at least two of those.

The first is obvious. Unless you are a penguin then you hate the cold. You despise it. You sit in misery just counting down the days until the warmth returns. You probably look at flight deals all day to places like California, or the Bahamas, just working up the courage to take the plunge and buy that $700 round-trip flight. Make sure you request that time off at work first. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble here.

The second is tough because not everyone loves where they live. I know people who use their apartment simply as a place to sleep and shower. Besides that, they are constantly on the road or out and about either busy with work or heading to a restaurant. Not a bad way to live, but this does not apply to me. I love being able to recharge in my own personal dojo complete with a big throw rug, candles, and things on the wall that you don’t get sick of looking at.

The third is very important. I wouldn’t say I like putting on clothes. I have been dealing with winter my whole life but I’m stubborn and believe I am meant to live somewhere that is warm all year. So I rebel and wear shorts when it’s ten degrees and there are 4 inches of snow on the ground. Yes, I agree. It isn’t the smartest idea, but I’ll do what I can to step out of the norm during these drab days and dream of a time when I can do this without getting frostbite on my toes.

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