Visionary Investments: An Introduction to Karatgold Coin

An Introduction to Karatgold Coin

In your search for a profitable, sustainable, and practical investment, you have no doubt already encountered cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. If you prefer a certain level of security and do not wish to invest solely in the virtual market, gold is a good and timeless alternative. With a Karatgold Coin, you cover both considerations in one go and invest in an option that is both digitally credible and based on a physical background through its juxtaposition with a certain weight in gold.

A Karatgold Coin is a new and promising investment that allows you to rely on the stability of value and achieve high returns. This article will explain how this works and what makes this digital currency different from classic cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

Karatgold Coin as an advantageous investment

If you buy Ethereum or Bitcoin, you are primarily relying on the virtual market. You can trade the cryptocurrency on the relevant stock exchanges or use them at points of acceptance for the payment of goods. If you invest in physical gold, you will need a deposit box or a safe and a purchase point if you want to convert your investment into money and use it for payment. Both options have their advantages; these are however surpassed by the benefits of the Karatgold Coin. This digital currency is a blockchain-based investment that provides you with the benefits of cryptocurrencies and the security of gold.

As a new and recently marketed option, a Karatgold Coin currently offers very favorable conditions for investors. The increase in yield can already be predicted so that you make your decision with an eye to the future. What distinguishes a Karatgold Coin from an investment you make in a primary cryptocurrency, and why are there advantages over physical gold?

  • A Karatgold Coin is digitally tradable and is based on a certain weight in gold.
  • The investment is a means of payment that is valid worldwide, transferable free of charge and accepted widely.
  • You can exchange coins at any time for physical gold or a central bank currency.
  • They do not require a safe deposit box and are not dependent on the purely speculative market.
  • Value stability and value enhancement are guaranteed by its counter-valuation with gold.
  • They take advantage of the benefits of a digital currency as well as investment in the precious metal gold.

If you are in possession of the coins, you can use them as a means of payment and exchange them at any time for the central bank currency you require. You decide in favor of the Karatgold Coin, an option much more attractive than a pure cryptocurrency or gold bullion.

Investments independent of banks and economies are on the rise

Every day, you hear news about how financial markets are being hit and which geopolitical crises are currently an indicator of the volatile markets on the stock exchanges. With a Karatgold Coin, you are largely independent of these factors and no longer have to track where the financial market is showing signs of weakness and a stock is losing value. The orientation of the currency to real gold gives you the advantage of having made an investment that is safe and has an eye to the future even in difficult financial markets. During the Karatgold Coin’s introductory phase, the token will be available in public direct sale through the Karatgold. And in the ICO phase, with clear discounts.

Karatgold Coin

The Karatgold is collaterizing 10,000 tokens with 0.1g in the ICO phase. The goal is to achieve a coin value of 0.1g through an annual 20% profit distribution of the Karatgold Singapore and its subsidiary Karatpay. To achieve this, both the profits from the worldwide revenue of gold transaction fees from the subsidiary Karatpay, as well as from the worldwide sale of Cashgold, are incorporated. The 20% profit distribution will be immediately exchanged for gold and the coins thus upgraded.

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