Tips For Cheap European Travel

It can be hard to travel abroad to places like Europe because of the rising cost of oil, which has driven the cost of car fuel and plane tickets up.  This means that if you want to go on holiday to somewhere exotic, it normally costs you an arm and a leg, or you just don’t do it and go on a more domestic-based holiday.  However, there is a new and exciting way that you can explore warmer climates and historically interesting destinations through European coach travel on the bus line iDBUS. 

Great For Saving Money On The Price Of Flights

When you choose to travel with the iDBUS, there is the potential to save a large amount of money that you would have otherwise spend on the price of a plane ticket.  In addition to the fact that you do not have to deal with the stress of manoeuvring through busy and crowded airports, the money you save by not buying an expensive plane ticket can be used as extra spending money that you can use for more enjoyable things during your holiday.

Even if you can find a cheap plane ticket, you can still face additional and costly charges by the airports and airlines you use.  For instance, many airports have started charging passengers extra fees if they have not checked in online before arriving at the airport for their flights.  It seems as if airports and airlines are looking for more and more ways to charge their customers for their different services.  However, if you travel by bus, there are no hidden costs, surcharges or rates.  This means that you are free to sit back and enjoy your ride, with the additional features of power outlets for phone, laptop and other electrical devices chargers and Wi-Fi.

Great For Saving Money On Luggage Costs

In addition to all the extra charges that airlines and airports seem to add on top of your actual ticket, you can face similar issues when it comes to your luggage.  If you are not completely on the ball with the permitted size of luggage and what kinds will be charged extra, you could be hit with costs that you didn’t account for when organising your trip.  Similarly, you may have troubles with any toiletries you have in your bag.   By travelling with iDBUS, you eliminate these issues and you are free to use your hard earned money on much better things than fees and charges.

With travelling via the iDBUS service, you just need to turn up, get your luggage packed onto the bus, sit back and enjoy the journey taking you to your chosen holiday destination.  It not only saves you lots of money but also lots of stress, that air travel simply does not.  So, the next time you are thinking about going on holiday, before you book those expensive plane tickets, look into travelling by iDBUS and see how much you could possibly save.

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