Three Tech Companies To Invest In

Tech companies to invest in

The most sophisticated technology in the world is only becoming more accessible. Just think of how many pocket-sized computers you’ve seen today. Quite a change from being a kid isn’t it? Like with any expanding niche, technology stocks are drawing more attention than ever before. Perhaps you’d like to know a little more before starting to trade in tech stocks? Here are the three biggest technology stocks you should be watching.

First of all, Visa. You may not have expected this to come up, I’m guessing? Yes, Visa started purely as a credit card company. These days, that’s all changed. Visa is now calling itself a “payment technology company”. It’s pretty rare that we stop and think about how much it takes to move money around the world digitally. This company is responsible for zipping currencies from Toronto to Hong Kong, or Sydney to Copenhagen. As a company, Visa seems to understand the ins and outs of developing economies. We may take our credit and debit cards for granted. In developing countries, however, they’re still a new thing, and Visa is taking steps to catch the growing trend. Invest with these guys, and you two will be able to cash in on the growth of an international middle class.

Next, Apple. Now there’s a name you did anticipate, right? Apple stocks are generally a good idea because of their sheer popularity. All of their releases have been received very well, and that doesn’t seem to be changing. For example, when the iPhone 6 family was released, people went crazy over the fingerprint reader and larger displays. We’re also seeing the development of “force touch”, which let’s touch screens distinguish between lighter or harder taps. This is also doing wonders for Apple’s profit margins. If Apple keeps getting to new technology first, its iPhones will stay relevant for years to come. Another little point is that they recently increased their reserve for share buybacks.

Finally, Adobe. I don’t have to tell you how big these guys are in the world of software. I’m sure you can name several of their products off the top of your head! All of us regular professionals have Microsoft for our documents and spreadsheets. Photographers, designers, and artists have Adobe. I bet you’d struggle to find a single business that doesn’t use an Adobe product. Even if it’s one or two site-enhancers such as Flash Player, Adobe can be found almost anywhere. What makes them attractive to traders is that they’re one of the software companies at the forefront of 3D printing. While 3D printer companies themselves are a little shaky, Adobe is already a giant. Their 3D printing software is only expected to become more prominent, so don’t let it slip!

These three tech stocks won’t disappoint. However, many other companies out there are well worth looking into. Remember that because these companies are so huge, the price and demand for shares are going to be a little hostile. That’s no reason to be scared off though!

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