The Financial Importance of Servicing Your Home

Living Room 1According to TRUEGRID, a provider of affordable parking solutions, your home may be one of the biggest investments that you’ll ever make, and it is certainly one of the most important ones for you and your family. In order to keep your home in top condition, you need to ensure that all of the systems in your house are working properly and efficiently, from the plumbing to the electrical to the heating and cooling system. By taking these proactive steps, you will ensure that your family stays comfortable and that your monthly utility bills are not higher than they need to be. Regular maintenance and servicing can also help to prevent the need for expensive repairs.

Create a Home Maintenance Checklist

In order to stay organized, and to be certain that every detail is given proper attention, you might create an ongoing checklist. According to TRUEGRID (click here), you can keep the checklist organized by dividing it into sections and storing it in a folder. The sections may be divided by month, season, and year, so you always know exactly which tasks need to be done and when. You might also create a list of tasks that you intend to do yourself (such as changing the batteries in your smoke detectors) and a list of tasks that should be done by professionals (such as cleaning out your furnace).

The Plumbing System

If you don’t have your home’s plumbing system serviced on a routine basis, you may find yourself paying a hefty repair bill that could have been avoided. The plumbing in your home should last for many years, and it can if you take good care of it. You should inspect your toilet a few times a year; if it’s leaking, or if water is running in the tank, paying a professional to repair the problem is a much smaller investment than replacing the entire unit later. This concept is true of every aspect of your plumbing, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Air Quality and Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning system should also be checked periodically. To keep the quality of the air in your home high, you will need to have a professional do a check-up on your cooling system at least once a year. A professional can perform such tasks as cleaning the air conditioning coils and changing the filter. The best time to do this type of service is in the spring, so any potential issues can be addressed before the cooling system is needed on a daily basis. Scheduled maintenance will also help keep your cooling system running efficiently, which will help you save money on your monthly bills.

The Heating System

Keeping the heating system maintained is as important as servicing the cooling system. When the weather is cold, you will want your heating system to be in top shape, so a yearly maintenance visit in the fall is advisable. A professional can inspect areas such as the system controls, heat exchanger, and moving parts (like the motor and fan). The furnace should be cleaned out, and clogged filters should be replaced.

The Electrical System

Routine maintenance of the electrical system is critical to the safety of all who live in or visit your home. Cords and wires should be inspected regularly, and they should be replaced if they have become frayed or otherwise damaged. A professional can examine things like panel boards, connections, and shutdown mechanisms. This should be done at least once annually.

Getting your home serviced can save you much money and time. It can also make your home as marketable as possible if you ever decide to sell. Most importantly, routine home maintenance and servicing will help to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy.

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