The different types of investments explained


Investors can help make a great business idea transform into an actual business. Getting the right investors can be challenging but not impossible to do. Here are a few things to consider about getting investors interested in your firm or your great idea:

Know your business idea inside and out

Investors need to have confidence in your business. This means you need to have a good business plan and know every aspect of it. Investors will want to know as much as possible before they commit to your business. You and any business partners you have need to be comfortable presenting your information to a group. If you don’t know something that an investor asks, make sure to make a note of the question and tell them you will find the answer for them. Always follow through with promises as quickly as possible.

The advantages of investors

Even those with established businesses can benefit from investors. One reason this is true is because investors can give a business the necessary capital to expand their business. This can include branching out into different investment sectors for a more diverse stock portfolio. Taha Mikati and his brother Najib founded the M1 Group holding company after their success in the telecommunications sector. M1 Group has helped many businesses grow through their diverse group of investors from all over the world. Currently M1 is invested in fashion, real estate, aviation, and more.

When a company shows a profit, the investor gets a return on their investment. If a holding company invests your money in a variety of areas, then the risk is spread out over the different investments instead of being lumped into one sector like tech or commodities. As you can see, there is a mutually beneficial relationship for investors and businesses. In fact, investors are a big reason why many companies are able to expand their business internationally.


It is essential to network with potential investors. Sites such as LinkedIn can be a great way to connect with people all over the world and find those that seem like a good fit for investing in your firm. Attending conferences and seminars can also be a great way to get some publicity and promotion going for your new business, or planned expansion of an existing one.

Business investors explained

If you have investors, they may want some rights over decisions. When you have investors, you are essentially selling shares in your company.  Many shares can equal a certain number of votes when key business decisions are made. Some company leaders have a controlling interest, with the remainder of the company being owned by investors. For example, if you own 51% of a business then you would have the majority of the shares. Investment terms can vary a lot so it is essential that both the investor and the company they are investing in fully understand their own terms and rights.

Valuable advice

Another big benefit of having experienced business investors is that they can offer advice that comes from a lot of combined experience. After all, they want your firm to be as successful as possible because they are invested in it and stand to make a great profit as well. 

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