Six Building Projects That Add Value To Your Home | Money Hints

Adding to or improving your home can transform your living space. And it can add real resale value to it, as well. Here are six ways to improve the lot of your property.

1) Exterior improvements.

Money HintsFirst impressions always count, and a house that’s attractive from the outside will almost certainly be more appealing to any potential buyer than one which has let itself go.

Great windows, doors and an attractive porch or driveway needn’t cost the earth, yet the extra value your builders bring to your home can be considerable if you make the right moves and avoid the common pitfalls homeowners face. Other exterior upgrades worth thinking about are a complete roof retile, or a switch from casement windows to a sliding sash design.

2) Conservatory.

The most obvious home improvement move of all, perhaps. And for good reason – everybody loves a conservatory, especially when the British weather is being kind to us. But you will need to check planning regulations first.

3) Kitchen extension.

Here’s one of the simplest and most cost-effective home improvements out there. Many British city homes come with functional but uninspiring kitchens. But it needn’t be this way. If you get the builders to work on a single story extension, it shouldn’t cost more than about £50,000 – and it could come in at a lot less. But the effect can be tremendous.

A more spacious kitchen, or a new-build that looks out to the garden or links to a roomy dining room, can be a real boon to a property, and can have a dramatic effect on house resale values.

4) Loft conversion.

Not all lofts are suitable for conversion – but if yours is, you could be onto a real winner here. In the average home, as much as 30% of the total floor area is given up to the loft. That’s a lot, especially when you consider that in most cases it might never get used.

In most cases, you’re going to need new windows, new stairs and – of course – a solid new floor. Contact a builder with experience in loft conversions for the best advice on how to achieve all this.

In most cases you will have to include some additional fire resistance work, but this needn’t be financially prohibitive. It may seem like a daunting project but once the plasterers, plumbers and electricians have worked their construction magic, you will be left with a whole new floor to your property – and a potential market price increase of some 10%.

5) Add a bedroom.

If you have the space, an extra bedroom will almost certainly mean extra property value. Whether a loft conversion or a remodelling of an existing bedroom, being able to describe your home as a ‘three bed’ rather than a ‘two bed’ could almost double the value of your property.

6) Add a bathroom.

En-suite is in vogue. It will mean bringing in the plumbers as well as the builders, but it could be worth adding a bathroom to your master bedroom.

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